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Here's a direct quote from the article you posted: "Indochino states to have fused & stitched interlining, according to the terminology established above, this would correspond (mostly) to half-canvassed suits." What am I missing?
So he's completely against fused suits and would never buy one, but he doesn't have any issues selling them? Kind of hard to follow that logic... 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Indochino suits are half-canvessed. "Every Indochino suit is made with a half canvas horse hair interlining for a beautiful drape." I'm assuming you're with elitesuits, and if so, knocking your competition is in poor taste. Elitesuits could take a lesson or two from IC by cleaning up their website. I couldn't spend more than two minutes on the site without getting a headache due to the endless rambling and the ordering process is arcane....
I've read some great things about EH, but I haven't personally heard of most of the designers and I don't know where to start. Can someone recommend some good quality suits in the $500-$700 range? The Benjamin line looks appealing, but they don't have anything in my size (38S). Thanks in advance for any guidance.
Hey gang, hoping to get your thoughts on an off-the-rack Hickey Freeman vs. M2M Indochino? I've read mixed reviews about Indochino, but i'm intrigued with the concept of a M2M suit. A local Saks outlet store has Hickey Freeman suits for about $480 and Zegna suits for $600. Are the OTR suits worth the extra money? My main concerns are fit, quality, and durability. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
I wonder if they have changed the process since August 2011? This quote is directly from their website: "Every Indochino suit is made with a half canvas horse hair interlining for a beautiful drape, hand stitched shoulder seams for durability and movement, and more than 8 hours of needle time spent on your suit." Has anyone else had durability issues?
I thought Indochino suits weren't fused?
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