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  Mr. Burrell is located in downtown Orlando. I've had my shoes shined by him a few times and I have to say it was $6 well spent each time. They even offer free pickup and delivery.    
Hey Gang, I just ordered my first pair of AE's and have a question regarding shoe trees. Do you recommend a full-toe (designed for AE shoes) or split-toe tree? These are the options I am considering, but I'm open to any other recommendations:   Full-Toe:   Split-Toe:   Thanks in advance for any guidance.
Does a new pair of AE's come with shoe trees or are they purchased separately? If purchased separately, are the AE full toe trees preferred over Woodlore ultra?  
Does this mean that Nordstrom shoes are most likely "seconds"? Would it be stated on the box? How would I otherwise know? Thanks.
The price was for a new pair (I posted the link in my original post) and I decided to pull the trigger as the sale ended at midnight (PST). I followed the printable sizing guide on AE's site, but I think I'm going to request a half size larger based on the feedback in this thread. Is AE's leather shoe care kit worth $100? Is it better to piece these items separately? Thanks for all the guidance.    Found this little gem on YouTube...   Allen Edmonds: The Shoe of...
Thanks for the quick replies. I found this little gem on YouTube, I wonder if they still X-ray the shoes?   Allen Edmonds: The Shoe of Tomorrow! (circa 1940)
Thanks so much for the speedy reply. Do they come with shoe horns or do I purchase those separately? If purchased separately, do you recommend a particular brand or do they all do the same job?
Is the Park Avenue a comfortable shoe for daily wear (4x per week)? If so, is $220 a good price? Thanks for any guidance.  
Hey Gang, I was prepared to purchase a pair of Cole Haan shoes until I read all the reviews on this board regarding Allen Edmonds. I have a few questions and would appreciate any feedback: 1) Is it worth the $120 to upgrade from Cole Haan to this shoe?; 2) Is the Park Avenue a comfortable shoe for daily wear (4x per week)?; 3) Is $220 a good price? and 4) Do Allen Edmonds' sizes run large?  Thanks in advance for any...
Not sure of the exact width, but I believe post 2329 of this thread has a slim notch lapel if you'd like a visual.
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