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    Why pay shipping when companies offer free shipping for the same $22 jar of Reno?
I'm also in the market for some Renovateur. These two sites have free shipping:
Thick as Thieves return/remake policy, or lack thereof, is a deal breaker for me (no alteration credit either). This is a tough pill to swallow considering the chances of the first suit fitting perfectly are slim to none. Not too mention their website is in need of a serious overhaul.
  Thanks guys, this is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. I'm in the market for three suits, so I will order my first through BL until I get the exact fit, then order the remaining two.   jmm003: I too am concerned with Indochino's "hybrid" construction. In your opinion, is it worth the $150 upgrade to go full canvas or are the half-canvassed suits acceptable? What are the advantages of full vs. half? Does it extend the life or durability of the...
I'm ready to pull the trigger on my first M2M suit. This will be added to my weekly rotation, so I'm most concerned with fit and durability. What is the consensus, Indochino or Black Lapel?
Thanks for the guidance, Ben! That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for.
I purchased this pair of Cole Haan's today from the Rack for $59. The right shoe has what appears to be "stretch marks". Is this repairable?    
Thanks for all the info, it is much appreciated. I visited an AE store today and realized I ordered 1/2 a size too big. I will be returning my purchase to Nordstrom for an exchange as soon as I get them. Hopefully, I don't get some crap in return. I'll be sure to thoroughly inspect them before I leave the store.   On a side note, I picked up a couple sets of Woodlore split-toe trees today. The Rack has them for only $12.95 per pair.
FWIW, Nordstrom Rack has the Woodlore combination (split-toe) for $12.95 per pair.
I purchased this pair of Cole Haan's today to add to my rotation. I noticed what appear to be stretch marks on the right shoe, but unfortunately this was the only pair in my size. Is it possible to polish these out? It's not as noticeable at normal viewing distance, but I would appreciate any suggestions or techniques to assist in removing the stretch marks. Thanks in advance.           Normal viewing distance:     Left shoe to compare:  
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