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I tried both the 9C and 9B today to no avail. They were too tight and still exhibited the bowing, although it was less noticeable. I left the store with a pair of 9D's (the same pair I originally returned). I'm pretty disappointed as this is the most I've spent on a pair of shoes and my expectations were quite high. I know I'm grasping at straws, but will shoe trees help to correct the issue over time? I'm concerned that the shoes will develop a "bow crease" as it can...
Thanks for the review, looking forward to the pictures. Are the pants lined?
lol. I seized the day, but unfortunately I haven't seized the shoes... My Brannock measurements are 9 C for my left foot and 9 B/C (in between) for my right foot. AE didn't have these sizes in stock but called-in a 9C and 9B, they should be here by next Thursday. Hopefully this resolves the bowing issue for me. Phi Psi, do you have the Park Ave's? If so, what width did you ultimately decide? Thanks.
Will do, heading over now.
  Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. I'm going to take Phi Psi's suggestion and get a proper fitting at AE. Hopefully this will resolve my issue.
Most my shoes are 9D including the only other pair of AE's I own (Redding). I understand the sizes vary by model/last, but I was expecting a better fit for the money. These are both photos of the 8.5 pair I received today, one left and one right. Should I send back for another pair or just live with it? Thanks for any insight.
Thanks. I've been to my local AE store and the salesman I spoke with said his shoes do the same. He showed me his AE's (different model) and they did bow, but not as much. I decided to size down from a 9 to an 8.5 while in the store and the bowing was still evident, but very minimal. They didn't have the 8.5 in black, so he ordered a virgin pair from the factory to be sent to me. After receiving them today, they seem to bow more than the 8.5 I tried on in the store....
I purchased my first pair of Park Ave's and I'm having an issue with "bowing out" around my ankles. I'm usually a 9 (D), but I've tried sizing up and down by a half size and I still have the issue. These are factory shipped virgins, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
Do you happen to have one in solid Navy blue? I received swatches today (Charcoal herringbone, Solid light gray, and Navy blue) and I was curious how dark the Navy blue looks in person? It appears very dark, almost black, based on the swatch. Thanks for any insight.
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