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I use Saphir's cordovan cream.Is it possible to strip cordovan?
How do I deep clean my cordovan? Can I work the shoes with a brush under a running tap? The creasing of my Vass shells have turned darker than the rest of shoe. Alden's guide of cordovan care suggests only a damp cloth, no chemicals. However that doesn't do it. I also find my Carmina shell far superior to my Vass. My Carminas have developed rolls, while my Vass is creasing. Carmina is in no need of any care while Vass shell turn dull and dry rather fast. Anyone else that...
I have one soft brush for buffing polish and a bigger one for dust/dirt. I use the same application brushes for cream and renovateur. I had brushes divided for each colour but I stopped caring after a while, such minor things when you think about it. Just clean the brushes once in a while. Might be worth mentioning that I don't use black wax/cream and rarely dark brown.
Thank you for the clarification, Patrick!
I want to apply wax to my shoes made of cordovan. Can I use the regular pate de luxe from Saphir in a similar colour? I've read somewhere that pigmented cream for calf doesn't work with cordovan, but do wax work for both?
Speaking of R, I was planning to go with F or U for this make up, but the R-last's fit was to good for my semi-wide feet. Had to go with it.   R-last, Alt English, Antique Cognac Cordovan, Single leather.
A few talking about grey suede - found these at a sale in Stockholm, couldn't resist. The grey suede enhances lots of shades and life. 
Thank you! I used Saphir mahogany for polish. And I mix pommadier mahogony and midbrown .
  Hatchgrain with a bit of polish!
I believe it's the same leather. I have Alfred Sargent's chuckas and this is the best picture I've seen of showing it's real colour   It's somewhere between Saphir's midbrown and mohagony. It's not dark at all.
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