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I have one soft brush for buffing polish and a bigger one for dust/dirt. I use the same application brushes for cream and renovateur. I had brushes divided for each colour but I stopped caring after a while, such minor things when you think about it. Just clean the brushes once in a while. Might be worth mentioning that I don't use black wax/cream and rarely dark brown.
Thank you for the clarification, Patrick!
I want to apply wax to my shoes made of cordovan. Can I use the regular pate de luxe from Saphir in a similar colour? I've read somewhere that pigmented cream for calf doesn't work with cordovan, but do wax work for both?
Speaking of R, I was planning to go with F or U for this make up, but the R-last's fit was to good for my semi-wide feet. Had to go with it.   R-last, Alt English, Antique Cognac Cordovan, Single leather.
A few talking about grey suede - found these at a sale in Stockholm, couldn't resist. The grey suede enhances lots of shades and life. 
Thank you! I used Saphir mahogany for polish. And I mix pommadier mahogony and midbrown .
  Hatchgrain with a bit of polish!
I believe it's the same leather. I have Alfred Sargent's chuckas and this is the best picture I've seen of showing it's real colour http://www.styleforum.net/t/303820/alfred-sargent-appreciation-handgrade-exclusive-etc/765#post_6779415   It's somewhere between Saphir's midbrown and mohagony. It's not dark at all.
Accurate, if it's the same leather AS use for Radwell for A fine pair of shoes or Carmina for these  http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-hatch-grain-chukka (edit: I own a pair of shoes made from the Horween hatchgrain, so I speak from experience)
I'm considering it. I will also send him the receipt from the cobbler and a new pair of shoetrees. For which operations my cobbler finds necessary. If my shoes survive this, that is. Else he owe me a new pair.
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