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Speaking of R, I was planning to go with F or U for this make up, but the R-last's fit was to good for my semi-wide feet. Had to go with it.   R-last, Alt English, Antique Cognac Cordovan, Single leather.
A few talking about grey suede - found these at a sale in Stockholm, couldn't resist. The grey suede enhances lots of shades and life. 
Thank you! I used Saphir mahogany for polish. And I mix pommadier mahogony and midbrown .
  Hatchgrain with a bit of polish!
I believe it's the same leather. I have Alfred Sargent's chuckas and this is the best picture I've seen of showing it's real colour http://www.styleforum.net/t/303820/alfred-sargent-appreciation-handgrade-exclusive-etc/765#post_6779415   It's somewhere between Saphir's midbrown and mohagony. It's not dark at all.
Accurate, if it's the same leather AS use for Radwell for A fine pair of shoes or Carmina for these  http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-hatch-grain-chukka (edit: I own a pair of shoes made from the Horween hatchgrain, so I speak from experience)
I'm considering it. I will also send him the receipt from the cobbler and a new pair of shoetrees. For which operations my cobbler finds necessary. If my shoes survive this, that is. Else he owe me a new pair.
Well, he's homofobic. So when he saw my collection of shoes he acted the only way he could think of. He poured a beer in one of them. He didn't just spill the beer. Even my shoetree smells beer :(
I will take the shoes to a cobbler and see how it holds up, it's been wet for 48 hours... I fear they have begun to rot. Seems like one of my new classmates doesn't like me. And I'm truly sorry for the spamming, I'm not familiar with the interface here and the delay that occurs when you press 'submit'. I'm not spamming on purpose! but hey, thanks for pointing that out :)
Mariestads, my shoes deserves much much more.
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