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I think that ball'n'chains make too much noise when I walk, like a little jangling noise. For my next jacket I'm ordering either bar or tab. Weird non-issue, but that's why customizing options are amazing. 
 Francks did you get those C&Js on ebay a couple of days ago? If so, I wanted 'em but they look cool on ya.
WWT   I have a stock 46 TOJ0 in navy/black, want to trade for a size 48-50.
fucked up formatting free of charge 
  Was hoping to avoid sending in (also because I'm not sure if I need a whole new sole or just a heel replacement) but figured it was inevitable.   I'm thinking Dainite on a pair of #8 PTBs & a pair of walnut captoes. Their website is rough, but the SF approval goes a long way. Thanks!
  The straps & handle etc. (shown here: look sick, & I really love the idea of getting a natural canvas bag (I got an Archival ruck in black & keep wishing I'd gone with a lighter color to show more wear). And Tanner makes excellent stuff (I work 2 blocks from their PDX retailer).   That said, I don't like the action on rucksacks lately -- too much time to open & close, IMO,...
Sorry in advance for this n00b question guys.    By the way, is there any way to do a decent search on SF? Search StyleForum gives me forum results, like this one for example, which has 3400 pages of content with no way that I can figure out to search within. There's such a stupid-amazing wealth of information here, but it's been really difficult for me to access & seems to keep new folks asking the same basic questions over & over again.   Anyway, it may be...
Oh hey, didn't even know this thread existed. Right now I live in "inner" SE, but really close to Powell. Recent employment in the Pearl, however, has been making me think about moving to a place in the alphabet.
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