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Oh my goodness, THAT is shoe porn    Your new pair is.... say incredible.
Yes, F Last indeed. Pretty nice patina.
 That's a pair to die for !Enjoy these beauties.
Very nice Roguls, congrats ! Fantastic shell shades...
Very pure and nice pair !   Enjoy them for two decades :)
They are able to reduce or increase the size by 0.5. Of course the size of YOUR pair. You can ask Rezso for that. There must be a shipping fee, so if you have a good cobbler, he may correct your pair with no problem.
Sure, but you have to return themunworn... Try them on a carpet, and without walking.   You can also send them back for a half size correction.
Too much porn for a single post !!!   Many thanks for all those great pictures.
FrankCowperwood your slippers look sooooo smart, i'm amazed ! I definitely need such a pair... I'm just a little afraid of sizing, maybe getting measured at Budapest is the wisest idea... Slippers' fitting is so painful to choose...
FrankCowperwood, cheers for yous slippers !!   I was wondering how a norwegian slipper looks like, I have the answer now !
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