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Just received a Havanna SC, but it's a little tight at the waist. How much can it be let out?
Just received a havana jacket, what do you guys think, a keeper?       It might be just a little tight in the waist, the back looks pretty bad but mayby that's because the vents are stitched. What do you guys think? The sleeves should maybe be shortened a bit. 
Just ordered these from the AFPOS sale:       And  
Just ordered another belt, west end in nickel - black    My next belt will probably be bakers oak brown, just looks so awesome. 
Just received a pair of Hallam black calf, but noticed a small dent on one of the shoes, se picture below. Is it something I should live with? Is polish going to help?    
Just received my first belt, really impressed with it! It just feels like a quality product that is going to last a long time. Just one thing I find a bit odd (not in a bad way) - When smelling the belt, it almost smells like an apple. Am I just crazy or have anyone else had this experience?    To sum up: Couldn't be happier with the belt! I got a nickel west end in australian nut.
Sounds like I have to try it out! What stiffness do you recommend for the collar and cuffs, regular or soft?
Those look great! How is the quality compared to Barba? 
Thanks for the help! 
Hi, I need a tie for an interview (law firm), what would you guys suggest? I have a navy suit and planning on wearing a white shirt.    Would this tie be a good option? http://www.drakes-london.com/ties/woven/woven-fine-rib-reppe-solid-silk-8cm-tie   One last thing, why does Drake's only sell white linen PS in a box of three? Why would you want three white PS?
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