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From the price point, it seems like the black oxford will serve as a competitor to the Park Avenues; how would you compare the two? The PAs are a little too narrow for me in D width even though that's what I typically wear. I also feel that they may be a little too traditional (read: short and stubby) for my tastes. Tough to order without trying them on so I want to get an idea...
And these are definitely something you wouldn't expect from modern CH. I am 100% with you on my distaste for the brand, but was dragged into the store and these caught my eye. Just trying to figure out if they are actually quality or just a step above shit.
What price would you say these would be worth it? I do not plan on buying these at $400.
I know Cole Haan gets knocked a lot (as it should be), but I recently came across the Air Giovanni which seems to be one of their higher end styles. Looks like they might be trying to distinguish their "Made in Italy" styles from the rest. Any thoughts on this shoe? How would it be for formal occasions?   http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/catalog/product.jsp?catId=100&productId=426256&productGroup=426257
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