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What does a pair of the Semi-Dress go for? Just a stock model like the Black Cherry ones. What's the wait time?
How can you have flat feet and high arches? Aren't those the opposite of each other? I have flat feet and shoes with high arch support hurt.
I didn't realize that, I'm a D-width. My IR's seem to have less toe room, but not a huge difference.
I wear the same in both. They're made on the same last if I remember correctly.
Mine never hurt my feet. They were really stiff for a few wears, but still comfortable. I've been wearing about twice week since Christmas and they are still breaking in, but really comfortable now. Going up and down ladders in the recent heat sped things up too.
Anyone else think AE is missing out by not offering some of these MTO boots as everyday options? I would put those last couple right up there with some of the Viberg styles that are double the price.
Isn't that where the welt seam is?  Mine all have a notch in that same general area.  I think they put it on the inside near the arch so it isn't as noticeable.
Look down at your foot as you walk, you'll see the leather flex. The leather will wrinkle/crease in those places. The only way to keep it from happening is to buy cheap plastic shoes.
The oil darkens more in my opinion. It takes a pretty long time to lighten in my experience and will probably never lighten back all the way. I'm not using either on my new tan Beckman's for that reason. I'm using Allen Edmonds Cleaner/Conditioner on them for now.
I would personally never go with a shoe that hurt as soon as I put it on. Sounds to me like the 8's fit correctly. That's exactly how my Beckman's fit. Almost any work boot is going to have room up front. If the width feels good and they don't slide around when you walk, I think you're good. I bought my 8146's a half size too big. My feet slid around in them after they broke in. I went with an insole to make up the difference.
New Posts  All Forums: