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 Looks like paracord.  You can get tons of colors on Amazon.
 I've washed/dried my Japan Military Green a few times with no shrinkage.
The Japan military green chinos were $124 with shipping. I love mine.
How does the sizing compare? AA Medium is perfect for me until washed and it shrinks too tight. I buy AA Large and wash/dry them on hot to shrink them down to fit right. Not sure whether Medium or Large in Gustin.
 I assume you meant darken instead of fallen?  I have the same ones for what it is worth and they are still basically the same color after over a year of being worn at least once, usually twice a week.  The only conditioner I've used is Bick's which does not darken them at all as far as I can tell.
Can anyone compare the Gustin t-shirts to American Apparel cotton t-shirts? A medium AA fits perfect when new, but shrinks too small after a couple of washes. I normally buy them in large and they shrink down almost to a new medium. Just wondering how Gustin sizing compares and how much they shrink?
Any chance Gustin could start taking pictures of the shirt swatches against something like a pair of regular indigo jeans? I like the burgundy buffalo check, but can't really visualize it without some kind of reference.
They look sleeker than normal in the picture, may just be the angle though. The toe looks really nice.
 Anyone know the full specs on these?
Just resawed some oak with the Gustin apron:
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