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Patrick McManus, who wrote for Field & Stream, had a theory on how to bring new guns into the house. At a certain point, instead of your wife knowing that you have 6, or 8, or 10 guns, they just become "all those guns". When you get to that point, you can just bring them in anytime and not be noticed. He even had an expandable cabinet so there were always the same number of empty slots. I think that same theory would be applicable for shoes as well!
 Joseph Kirk of http://www.azfinetime.com/ is great.  Call or e-mail him.
That Union would be killer in Burgundy with leather sole and natural welt/edge. No idea what they were thinking with that sole.
 My rough MacNeil's do the same thing.  I just condition them heavy with Bick4 when they start looking dry.
Someone earlier mentioned problems with the Wide Basic belt. I have it in Walnut (way lighter than their Walnut shoes, matches Natural CXL), Brown, and Merlot. The Brown and Merlot seem fine, other than looking nearly identical. The Walnut is cracking bad though. I've only worn it probably 20 times. Is that a common problem with them?
 I'm the opposite, flat feet and low-volume.  Many bluchers fit fine length and width-wise, but the vamp completely closes and is still loose.  I finally bought my first oxfords, Strands in 10C and they're the best fitting shoes I've ever had.
I go up one size in chinos versus jeans. They don't stretch like denim in my experience at least.
After wearing Allen Edmonds for 4 years, I finally joined the Walnut Strands club: Not a bourbon or whiskey drinker, but I'm cracking open some Bell's Two-Hearted Ale shortly...
Got the Natural Oak Streets in today from eBay. They look perfect and are really comfortable.
Check the sole pictures to get an idea of how much wear.  The word is he'll usually accept 50-75% of the asking price on offer.
New Posts  All Forums: