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I tried 10.5D (lace gap completely closed, also gapped around ankle when I walked), 10D (lace gap almost completely closed, gapped around ankle), 10C (slight gap around laces - enough that it would still be fine after slight stretching, no ankle gap), and 10B (really hard to get on, huge lace gap).  Looks like 10C is it for the 5-last.  I was really curious if the big difference in the Brannock measurements was common?
Other makers seem to have trouble getting much of the olive colored leather.  Maybe they ran into the same problem?
I have a Brannock size question.  I finally made it to an Allen Edmonds retail store after buying several pairs through the Shoe Bank.  I've always had trouble getting dress shoes to fit me properly.  I drive my wife crazy sometimes trying different shoes on at stores.  I think I found the reason I have problems though.  My right foot measured 9.5C heel to toe, but 11.5C heel to ball.  My left foot was 10C and 12A respectively.  He said I have short toes and flat feet?  I...
I had to size up on their shirts. It's the only brand that I wear a Large in now.
Here's my notes on their OCBD shirts. I wear Medium in Brooks Slim, Gap Modern, Lands End Tailored, and CT Slim. I also wear 40R in jackets. I ordered the Gustin White Oxford in Classic Medium. It was OK in the waist and sleeve length, but tight across the chest and shoulders. I ordered a Gustin Classic Large and it fits much more similar to the ones I listed above. The sleeves are a little long and I hope it shrinks slightly. That will make it about perfect. Just my...
They could just take some of the most popular MTO's from this thread and the appreciation one. There's been a bunch of one-offs that people went crazy over when pics were posted. They could pick a couple every quarter, make them a web gem, and rake in the cash.
I would also prefer a zipper on the chinos. Especially annoying in a busy bathroom when others are waiting while you're trying to get it buttoned up. Love them otherwise and do prefer button fly for jeans.
There's a little room.  It's similar to a regular Gap Modern Oxford or a Lands End Tailored Fit.  I need a 33/34 sleeve.  Regular Mediums or 32/33 are usually a little short on me.
I'm 5-9/180 and do Medium in their casual slim shirts. The neck size is exactly 15.5. The sleeves could actually be an inch longer for me. I'd say that you're a large based on what you said.
I'd like to see a plain toe blucher in some of the cool leathers they get. A chunky brogue of some sort would work too, maybe similar to some of the Trickers models.
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