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Bick 4 is the only thing I've used that conditions without darkening. I've been using it on my Chestnut Beckman's since I like the light color of them.
More of a current threadbare wallet!
Really like the gray wool city coat that went up today, but I just bought a new peacoat. I hope it gets offered again later...
I can't seem to find the particular one that pushed me over.  I thought it was on Dappered's forums, but can't find it.  The person really liked the way they were made and looked, but thought the color was a little too brown in some light.
I'm in for my first order with the Japan Military Green Chinos.  It is only at 40% with just 4 days left though.  If it doesn't hit 100%, I guess the order isn't actually placed?  I hope it hits it, I really like the look of those and saw some good reviews of the last ones.
I've never tried any other Sterlingwear, so I can't compare.  Someone earlier in the thread said they were told they use the same pattern.  Others say the armholes are higher on the milspec.  I'm not sure if I would consider it slim, but it fits similarly to my suit coats after my tailor takes in the waist for me.  Definitely not real boxy or baggy either though. Here's what I get on a 40R, all taken with it buttoned and laying flat Pit-To-Pit: 21.25"Shoulder Seam to...
 Sure, what measurements do you want?
I've been wearing a cheap Claiborne peacoat from JCP for the last couple of years.  It got the job done, but definitely not high quality.  I just bought a Sterlingwear military peacoat off eBay.  The description said it was an unissued and unworn military peacoat in 40R.  The pictures seemed to confirm everything.  I ended up getting it for $91, a great deal since the Sterlingwear mil-spec coats are about $350.  When it arrived, the descriptions and photos were 100%...
I think the main reason for lining in shoes is when the outside leather isn't stiff enough to hold its shape otherwise.  Thicker leathers don't need it, although some still have it for comfort, less dye transfer, etc.
Fit looks good to me.
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