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I go up one size in chinos versus jeans. They don't stretch like denim in my experience at least.
After wearing Allen Edmonds for 4 years, I finally joined the Walnut Strands club: Not a bourbon or whiskey drinker, but I'm cracking open some Bell's Two-Hearted Ale shortly...
Got the Natural Oak Streets in today from eBay. They look perfect and are really comfortable.
Check the sole pictures to get an idea of how much wear.  The word is he'll usually accept 50-75% of the asking price on offer.
Ordered some Walnut Strands from the Nordstrom sale. I also bought a pair of the Natural Oak Streets from our favorite Ebay seller last night. Got them for $100, supposedly worn onc and look perfect in the pics. They'll be joining Macneils, Aberdeens, and Hinsdales.
A PTB in those nicer leathers would be really cool. A shape similar to the Alden Dover for example.
If I'm 10c in Strands, what should I order in either the Academy or Oak Street? They're on the same last, but don't offer C widths. My feet are flat and low volume if that helps. I was thinking just a 10d,but also wondered about 10b or 10.5d. They both have the poron insole.
I noticed that, no 10D in Academy Natural?  Isn't that one of the most common sizes?
 Could be Allen Edmonds, they've made some past models for Wolverine.
Tan Aberdeen's, I've been polishing occasionally with Saddle Brown polish and they're getting some really nice depth.
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