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 They look OK to me.  You rarely see loose grain in Red Wing, at least not the really bad kind you see from CXL leather sometimes.
Another vote for Bick 4.  That stuff really is like magic and doesn't darken much, if any, even on my Chestnut Beckman's.
Ah, I read through the whole description, but didn't see that in the chart at the bottom. I guess I'm out on it then. Would like to see them using the coated wool version from Pendleton that can be washed.
Josh (or anyone else who knows), what are the care instructions for the Pendelton Wool shirts?  I really like the #269 that went up today, but not sure how to wash/clean it?
 A Red Wing store or cobbler can easily replace them.
Gustin's real big on fabrics, so I would think it is 100% wool.
Too dressy? I don't see any way that could be true. They're work boots!
 Looks like paracord.  You can get tons of colors on Amazon.
 I've washed/dried my Japan Military Green a few times with no shrinkage.
The Japan military green chinos were $124 with shipping. I love mine.
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