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I've heard there is, but I always just get redirected to their store. Not sure why it works for some users, but not for others. There's a lot of pictures on there I would like to see.
The 8146 Moc-Toe is my choice for winter and nasty days. I coated mine heavy in HDLP and wear them with heavy socks.
I use Allen Edmonds shoe creme on my Chestnut Beckman's. I hit them with conditioner, let them dry, wipe on the creme, let it dry, buff with an old t-shirt, and then buff with a brush.
Thanks, my first tweed!
Not sure if you're serious, but: Florsheim, Clark's, Johnston and Murphy, Rockport, etc. Almost anything you'd find at a mall or standard shoe stores...
I just received the JCP Stafford Harris Tweed jacket - http://tinyurl.com/oyyno8l in black/white herringbone.  For color matching purposes, do I just treat it as if it was gray since that's what is resolves to from more than a couple of feet away?  Outfits like this are what I am going for - https://i.imgur.com/SUHm6yM.jpg (not the same jacket, but very similar.)
 AE only makes (or made) some of the specialty models like the Krause, 744LTD, etc.  The regular ones are not made by them.
Bick 4 is the only thing I've used that conditions without darkening. I've been using it on my Chestnut Beckman's since I like the light color of them.
More of a current threadbare wallet!
Really like the gray wool city coat that went up today, but I just bought a new peacoat. I hope it gets offered again later...
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