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You left out a word there, "current gen" as in current generation.  I posted pictures a couple of years ago in this thread:
I have a current gen military coat too. It's very heavy and very warm. Have you checked on eBay? That's where I found mine. It was unworn and still had the tags.
You could cut out the middle man and get them straight from Red Wing: Not the exact sole as the Beckman, but similar.
They sold it to you instead of the person on the waitlist? Seems a bit unethical of the dealer.
It's their new METAS standard that tests in more positions, tests antimagnetic resistance, and to higher precision than COSC.
 You're killing us with those pics!  I think that boot could sway some Viberg buyers, it's really nice.
Has anyone e-mailed or called to ask about the measurements?
I haven't tried it on Natural CXL, but Bick 4 hasn't darkened anything I've ever tried it on.
My new Omega Planet Ocean came in today.  This is the 43.5mm model with ceramic blue dial and bezel and 8900 movement.  After reading some reviews, I was a little worried about the thickness and weight, but it is fine.  The photo makes it look bigger than it is on my 7" wrist.  In real life, I have about 2 1/2 links showing on either side.  The curved lugs really help it wear a little smaller.  The color varies from almost a light cobalt in the sun to gunmetal in low light...
 Those would definitely sway me to buying my first pair of White's!  Really nice looking boots.
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