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Barbour Bedale with the tags   Lee made in USA jean jacket. Can anyone help me date it? I looked at a blog and it looks like its 1970's or later.
that isaia tie...when i say it i said "whoaaaaa" outloud
Nice side by side and breakdown avatar
David Letterman, letterman jackets. Picked up three of them, they are on Golden Bear jackets and have the tags on them.  
Hahahah calvin rules
Not much of a brag but I know there are some punks and hardcore heads that post. Found a merauder life is pain shirt. Reprint and not an original but still funny to see at a thrift.
Ian Gilman is awesome. Growing up in a small Texas town at 15 I dreamed of going to Gilman. I've had the honor to play at Gilman twice. Who are you seeing?
I've been striking out left and right with clothes so I decided to look at the LP's . Picked up these two Siouxsie and the Banshees LP's for my personal collection.     They were selling the LP's for $6 each which I thought was entirely too high. I picked them up anyways because it was half off day. When I came home and took off the stickers I discovered something.     and then     They put the goodwill price tag right over the half-priced bookstore price...
Well no Tom Ford suits but did pick up this book copyrighted 1918 Also picked up this Smashing Pumpkins poster from '96
hi guys I've been away for a while on vacation to Iceland and what an amazing place that is! Spent most of my time in Reykjavik and was even able to get a little thrifting done. They had a second hand store run by the red cross and I just had to pop in for a bit.     They had some really cool and different stuff but I didn't pick up anything. Sometimes it's fun just to look...especially when you are in Iceland. Well here is a semi-thrift fit of me at a waterfall. I...
New Posts  All Forums: