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Any suggestions on good value linen shirts for summer? Looking primarily for white shirts, but not too see-through
Looking for a straight-hemmed linen or cotton-linen blend shirt with side vents like the one shown. Any suggestions? Thanks
Looking for pants like these, unfortunately they're out of stock in my size. Any other brands that make similar pants? These are brooks brothers, and definitley looking for summer weight. Thanks,
Looking for a polo shirt with a cutaway/very spread collar and decent roll, any suggestions? Thanks   EDIT: Something along the lines of this:  
EDIT: Looking for leather loafers with a thin leather sole that will wear in really nicely like these with creases/patina. I know these are gucci but looking for something less expensive.
Can anyone help me determine what kind of shoes these are? I know they were called the "deck shoe" by Gant rugger for there Pre-fall 2011 line, but I can't find them anymore. Would they be a moc-toe blucher? Thanks,   c   Here they are beat up in a black and white pic:  
Also looking for these shorts if anyone has an idea of where to find them  
Thanks. Would darker colors tend to hide wrinkles better? Seems to make sense but I'm not sure...
Does anyone have any experience with linen shorts? Wondering about how they wear in the heat and how much they wrinkle compared to cotton-linen blends. Thanks,
Wondering what kind of shorts these are, linen? Thanks  
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