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Does navy peacoat goes nice with dark blue distressed jeans? Or is it kinda monochromatic and doesn't look good? Thanks!  
Does anybody know if Grim Tim with 32 inseam would fit 6' 2" nice? I have jeans in 34 inseam and they seem to be a bit long so I have to roll them up several times which is not nice sometimes.   Thanks!
Thanks for the input, I've decided to go for Grenson. Just if anybody curious -0,5 size worked great so I'm 43 / UK9 and took 8.5 in Grenson Fred - fits good.   Got them from pediwear.co.uk, arrived in 3(!) days in Ukraine and I like them. Can't compare with better shoes here but definitely not as bad as some guys describing them, at least for me.
Hey guys,   looking to purchase my first english boots. Was looking at Tricker's first but with duties and shipping seems to be a bit pricy for me now. Want to use them in winter that's why looking on models without leather sole.    So now I'm deciding between Grenson Fred C:   and Tim Little Love in Vain       How do these fit? As I've read here one should drop half a size in Grenson? I do not have boots to compare but normally i wear 43 / 9 UK...
Want to buy my first quality boots, any chance there us a place I can get these ones: http://www.my-wardrobe.com/trickers/black-commando-brogue-stow-boots-978320   Want to use them in winter so commando sole is a must I think. Really like the contrast between sole and upper part but unfortunately haven't found this combination in major online stores (there were a list somewhere earlier in theme). Don't mind buying maybe not a black one, but a shade of brown. Newbie...
Any chance to get chest, shoulders, sleeves and overall length measurements?
razl,   thanks for your input. I'm semi-athletic (if you could say so) build so I'm afraid anything less then 17" in shoulders would be small for me.
Jut to not open another topic would ask here. I'm a newbie and was looking at some Borrelli shirts on STF and really liked some. Does any one know how it would fit a tall slim men? I'm 6'2" and have chest measurement 37". Shirt chest measurement is 44.75" so I'm afraid it would be really big there. Going size down is not a way since it will be small in neck and shoulders. Any suggestions? How difficult would it be remove some inches from chest at a tailor? Also, would...
Is it appropriate to wear such wide-spread collar shirt casually? Like no-tie, opened collar and with jeans (maybe sweaters) etc.? Really liked this one at STF:   http://www.shopthefinest.com/p-51872-borrelli-lavender-purple-shirt-size-l-us-l-eu.aspx   Thanks!
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