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At one point you had a slew of TF Testers for sale, and TF decants. Did I miss the boat?
I would like 30 mL Aventus, but what does shipping to Canada cost me
Rare unopened Gucci PH 1.  This is the big bottle at 3. 4 fl.  If you are on the GTA we can meet and skip shipping. I own 3 of these I figure I might sell one of the unopened 
100 plus shipping to Canada and I'll buy this from you
It's a great brand for adding select safe pieces to your wardrobe. They also do have some sweaters that are made in Italy.
Measurements for the Givenchy number please
Pic speaks for itself, we all know this sweater and how hard it is to find. I have more pictures that I will post. Made in Italy I don't have the Dsquared Tag but the Holt Renfrew tag is still attached. BRAND NEW, Never worn.   The price on this is firm, this retailed for $650 and 200 is a steal.   Contact me for shipping, as always i'll split shipping half. Any questions feel free to ask   Size Large.
When I first saw the glow in the dark jeans 2 years ago they were selvedge, and the stitching would light up. I just got my glow in the dark stretch denim from ********* delivered to me today, and saw that they were not selvedge...gotta say I was disappointed.  
Hey NF guys whats going on with the Skinny Guy GLow in the Dark jeans not being Selvedge...Y'all cutting corners on us already?  
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