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I have a green ripstop cotton Bedford in L from SS14 as well as a green wool CPO jacket from FW12 (grail piece for many!).   Ideally looking to trade but will consider offering $$ too.   Thanks guys.
Feel like there's loads on Grailed. All I see are 8.5 — 10s. On the other hand, looking 12s or 13s!
Did anyone pick up or even see the EG x vans size in 13?
Will consider trading two or even three of these items for a wool / homespon Bedford in L. Come on people! Let's get this thread going again!
No problem dude, hit me up if / when you're ready.
lol, that's fine – but ordinarily this is where you counter!
200 USD.
Didn't think about a selling price yet – what's your offer? C
Looking to trade your reversible EG floral pants?
I've got this iridescent aviator jacket in M too. Wasn't considering trading but open to offers!    Some extra 'Looking for' items: Any of the EG long / oversized / tunic style shirts in L Any other wool pieces - bedfords, jackets, cruisers etc. M or L    
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