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Hey - Can anyone help with navy ghurka shorts in 32? C
Now selling my olive wool CPO in M for $120 + $15 shipping CONUS. http://www.styleforum.net/t/475661/engineered-garments-olive-wool-cpo-jacket-in-m-fw12
Selling an olive wool CPO jacket in M from Engineered Garments. Retailed around $350 and here I am asking $120 FREE SHIPPING DETAILS The olive wool CPO jacket from EG is a super-awesome piece from the FW12 collection. The jacket is a perfect layering piece. Chuck it over a t-shirt / shirt or under another jacket / shell. Looks great with a Bedford too. Has many, many pockets also. I would say the condition is a reasonable 7/10 as there is a dime-sized stain on the...
For you ladd here, I'm now selling these together (plus the BEAMS shirt) for $300 even. Without the shirt, $280. But you gotta get both.
Hey Nomad, sure do.  http://www.styleforum.net/t/474192/battenwear-travel-shell-parka-in-m http://www.styleforum.net/t/464506/engineered-garments-m-olive-wool-cpo-shirt Cheers!
Just letting ya'll know my M olive wool CPO jacket has dropped to $140. I'm also selling a M Battenwear Travel Shell Parka for $200 - condition 9/10 (BEAMS+ madras shirt included for extra $30) C
Selling my awesome Travel Shell Parka from Battenwear in Medium. I paid about $500 for it from Inventory. Asking for $200 + $20 shipping CONUS If you're in NYC, shipping is free (or available for pickup)   BONUS For an extra $30, I'll also throw in a BEAMS+ cotton madras shirt in L (fits more like a medium). Made in Japan. Condition is 8/10. If you fit the parka, you'll fit the shirt. CONDITION 9/10 This thing is tough as nuts. I've worn mainly when it gets a little...
I have a deal on at the moment for both this EG CPO and my Battenwear Travel Shell Parka combined for $300 See it here   Rare item from Engineered Garment's FW12 collection.   Condition is 7/10 due to a small, dime sized mark under the armpit towards the back of the garment. It is super faint and will surely disappear with a wash.   22 inches from armpit to armpit 18.5 inches from shoulder seam to shoulder seam 26.5 inches from shoulder seam to end of sleeve 30.5...
Cotton ripstop Bedford jacket from Engineered Garments SS14, hardly worn so I'm giving it a 9/10 condition. S2S = 18"  Chest = 21"  Sleeve = 25.5  Back Length = 29"   Posting from NYC so available for pickup too.    
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