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I purchased this belt for my new law job a few months ago, however, I did not attempt to wear it until yesterday. Needless to say, I lost weight and now need a 32 inch belt and the 34 inch belt is too big. It is a $380 belt retail and I paid $225 for it on sale. I am looking to get $100. The belt is beautiful and at $100 is a steal.
Price reduction to $125 + 15 shipping. 
For Sale or Trade   Gently Owned Bally Danforth Mens 9.5M Dress Shoe   The Run Down:   - These shoes were purchased 4 months ago brand new   - These shoes were only worn for 2 months, mostly indoors, as I was a summer associate at a law firm and spent most of my time in the office on the carpeted floors   - These shoes have always been fit with she horns when not being worn so there are minimal wrinkles and barely any wear   - There is only minor...
I am looking to invest in my first pair of TODS. I just finished my legal SA and want to treat myself to a nice pair of relax shoes to wear to class this fall. However, I have a few questions. 1. Where is the best place to get TODS on a discount? or even pre owned? 2. I wear a mens 9.5 US, I hear TODS has crazy sizing. Does anyone have any experience on sizing? Thanks guys
Was about to purchase a dress shirt with the label, "tailored in italy by brioni for neiman marcus." What does this mean? Is it a real Brioni? or something less quality?
Just got this suit for $155. I thought that I got a good buy but now I am second guessing it.    The details are the suit is "Chester by Chester Barrie." The suit is Super 130's wool and is 97% Wool and 3% Cashmere.   Jacket - Single breasted, two–button suit, 4 at the cuffs, three external pockets (one chest pocket, two front pockets – all sealed), three internal pockets, double vented at back & beautifully lined (50% viscose + 50% Acetate). Pants  - flat...
Picked up this suit for $125, need to get it tailored. I am a guy in his early 20's working at a large law firm this summer and need to upgrade my suits/wardrobe. Looking for any thoughts on this suit. Also, what shoes/dress shirt/tie would go good with it?   TIA for the help        
Found this very helpful, appreciate it. 
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