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Just purchased the last Walt Juniper Linen Pants in size 36 for $95. I plan on stashing them for the summer
Love those pants..picked up a pair a few months ago.
Cotton LBM 1911 unconstructed jacket with wool trousers?
I've came a long way looking back at this thread 
hopefully US outlet re-opens also
Brown Linen Washington suit looks good..besides that not really impressed from what i see.       I'm expecting S/S 14 to release early Feb
This is a nice picture how NewYorkIslander shortened the sleeves on an LBM jacket. Looks good in my opinion. Tho i love the pick stitch on the cuff I can live w/o it
Is it possible to do alterations(shortening sleeves and supressing waist) on an LBM unconstructed jacket?
too long and too wide in my opinion
I think this leg opening is perfect.  
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