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I responded to this not know you had a question regarding it.. Check my response above
 Just wear it how he's wearing it...looks like a plain white with brown or black edges. Regardless you can get either color at thetiebar.com
The only problem I had with Yoox on an item is when the security tag was still on the item when it came in. They gave me 10% off the item. I then took it off myself.
That suit
@Epaulet     Are these coming back in the near future?    
Yea  I seen these . The white stitching throws them off for me
Anyone know where I can purchase these?  
    I am debating between these two (Charcoal Blacksmiths and Black Foreman Chuka). Which ones should I go for? I currently own Iron Ranger Amber Harness and  RoughNecks Olive
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