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Yea I wouldn't like it if the yellow is to bright.
Yea i don't know how I feel about this jacket.....I am kind of on the fence about it. It will have to grow on me I would pair it with either grey,blue or brown trousers
Does the cooperate sale work on brooks brother redwing boots?
I do not have a SS store in my state. Would you suggest calling a store directly to make an order of that type. If you can may you give me the contact for your local store sales rep?
Has anyone had any luck ordering an item that your size is not available in your country but available in an another?
Anyone have a date for when the rest of the  F/W 14/15 items will be available?
I am also curious...should I just purchase the same size in coats as I would in jackets?
How essential is it to show shirt cuff for all your suit jackets, blazer or sportcoats?   What are your exceptions (Casual unconstructed sportscoats?) ?
Wasn't impressed by the suit and jackets selections . I do like coat selections. I have to pick one of those up.   It seems like they jacked up there prices a little. Especially on the jackets 
New Posts  All Forums: