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Any ways of removing these raised leather spots caused by water marks?  
constructions seems fine with me... i don't like the construction of Brioni ties..its difficult to get a great dimple with them
Tom Ford and Hermes has my vote
2014   - Bought a lot of summer sportscoats (linen,linen blends). I tend to go out more in the spring/summer..wedding,vacations,etc. - I started to restart my whole winter casual wardrobe.I got rid of a lot of of hoodies,sweater,boots and jeans. Purchased two pair of Red Wing Boots,a few pairs of 513 jeans/corduroys and some sweaters. - I purchased a dress up coat which was needed in my wardrobe - I am overall satisfied with my shoe and tie collection - I needed more...
Ill wait to order from the store tommorow..im refuse to pay for s/H
Yea i wasn't expecting 50% off. I should have waited on the SC i purchase during the 40% off sale.Too bad i already had it altered 
So Semi annual does not include clearance?
Anyone have details on the semi annual sale?
Does the red fleece one day sale include boots and shoes?
20% off in-store before noon on black friday   http://get.redwingshoes.com/save-20-black-Friday?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Black-Friday
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