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@SYCSYC Do you iron your own trousers. If so what is your technique? Your trousers are sharp as a blade 
I wear 42R.The only SS fits I own are Soho,Madison,Lazio and Havana. Comparing to the single breasted fits I own I would say the Havana is slimmer than the Lazio. Check out the SS thread on this website with plenty of info about the brand. http://www.styleforum.net/t/250682/suitsupply-nyc/0_30
SuitSupply Havana
VDay Dinner   Shoes: Meermin Pants: Zanella Tie: Brioni Shirt: CT Jacket: SS
@conceptual 4est,@gdl203    Any plans of receiving Luigi Bianci Mantova Spring/Summer jackets from their latest collection?    I am specifically interested in this field jacket from LBM  
Bump....   How would you compare Epaulet Walt to Howard Yount Old Italian Cut in term of fit?   I currently own a few pairs of Epaulet Walt and are by far my favorite trousers fit wise.
I leave my suits exposed in my closet
Does anyone actually use the SS suit bags? They are starting to pile up for me
What is the leg opening measurement on these trousers?
Anyone know when the spring/summer collection is going to be added?
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