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Trousers are too long imo.
@steveyoo1983   When are you guys going to restock on the Carmina Shoemaker Quarter Brogue in Chocolate Suede?I am looking for the in 8UK(9D)   How do they compare to Cap Toe Oxfords In Brown Suede on the Carmina site?     Thanks
That Jacket 
  Jacket : Lardini Trousers : Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Shirt : CT Tie : Hermes Shoes : C&J PS : The Tie Bar
I think the sleeves cold be shortened a lil on the jacket. Besides that nice fit
I've purchased Red Wings and a Filson bag during the Corporate Sale(30% off)
Your outfit reminds me of when I first started my dress up collection. I would wear expensive ties but the quality of the everything else I was wearing did not match. I see that you are pretty new so I'll give you a few tips. Check out the Working Heirarchical Suit Thread and take a look at the brands to get an idea of quality SportsCoats/Suits For Trousers Howard Yount,Panta,Brooks Brothers and Epaulet are some of the well known quality Trousers around here. I am...
Yoox is going to make wallet hate me with these prices on item on my dreambox
 What do you have to do to become a superstar?
also includes sale items
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