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Received an email from SS saying that the item that I ordered from the outlet is not available after waiting for a week for a shipment confirmation               They gave me a $25 gift certificate so I guess that makes up for it
Much appreciated @pravda & @Brovsko
After a few cups of wine....... Jacket: SuitSupply Shirt: CT Tie : Gucci Pants: Brooks Brothers Shoes: C&J's
Am I the only person whos order still hasn't shipped?
Yea I hate the fact that SS summer/spring DB's are fully lined. It kind of defeats the purpose Overall Nice coat
 This might be my favorite fit from you @upr_crust 
Has anyone orders been shipped out yet?
Not a fan of the shoes with that outfit, other than that nice fit
I like how I just received an email for the outlet when it was open yesterday
Nice suit,well tailored......I think you have benefited more with a white shirt white PS
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