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Copy cat. I posted an outfit with that jacket a few pages back You was better off not wearing that pocket square since its color is similar to the jacket. I also  would have went with a darker tie but that might just be my preference.
I am currently a belt wearer and been considering for a while to switch to suspenders. Belts do not hold on my pants well. They seem to slip down the waist throughout the day and I am constantly fixing my pants for a proper pants drape I just don't want to go through the hassle of adding suspender buttons to all my trousers.
Should have went up in length for the the SuSu jacket.The Kent Wang could use my suppression in the waist. It looks boxy in my opinion
Received an email from SS saying that the item that I ordered from the outlet is not available after waiting for a week for a shipment confirmation               They gave me a $25 gift certificate so I guess that makes up for it
Much appreciated @pravda & @Brovsko
After a few cups of wine....... Jacket: SuitSupply Shirt: CT Tie : Gucci Pants: Brooks Brothers Shoes: C&J's
Am I the only person whos order still hasn't shipped?
Yea I hate the fact that SS summer/spring DB's are fully lined. It kind of defeats the purpose Overall Nice coat
 This might be my favorite fit from you @upr_crust 
Has anyone orders been shipped out yet?
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