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 What do you have to do to become a superstar?
also includes sale items
The current preferred customer sale is not bad if you have a BB card. It's 25% including sale items,which the corporate sale does not include. I just purchased some Black Fleece trousers that were originally marked at $450 for about $100
Plan on waiting on the Corporate Sale next month
Never knew this thread existed. Subscribed!   Much appreciated @Claghorn & @jcmeyer 
Suit: SuitSupply Shirt: CT Tie: Ferragamo Shoes; C&J's
This might be my favorite fit from you @Coxsackie 
Welcome to SF @RFHansen From what I see I am cool with the jacket trouser comibination but I am not  fan. I much lighter blue or a white shirt would have been better. I am also not a fan of the  socks.I lighter color socks similar to the trousers would have been much better. It helps if you post a full figure picture so we can analyze your fit of your outfit
From yesterday   Jacket: Hackett Trousers: Brooks Brothers Shirt : CT Tie: Tom Ford Shoes: Meermin PS: The Tie Bar
In my opinion I think you would benefit with slimmer trousers. You would appear slimmer overall.
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