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 This might be my favorite fit from you @upr_crust 
Has anyone orders been shipped out yet?
Not a fan of the shoes with that outfit, other than that nice fit
I like how I just received an email for the outlet when it was open yesterday
Nice suit,well tailored......I think you have benefited more with a white shirt white PS
 I just pulled the trigger on plain blue Linen Havana...been eyeing this jacket for a while. I almost purchased it retail price  
Been a while....   Church outfit for my mothers Birthday       Jacket : Suit Supply Members Club Trousers : Brooks Brothers Tie : None Shirt: CT Shoes : Meermin
Decided to visit their site since its been a while. I am starting to see a decline in terms on style with Brooks Brothers clothing
You can't buy from the outlet if you that reside in that country. Look for a proxy
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