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Happened to me last time they open the outlet.They gave a 25$ gift card for the cancellation.
Tried getting this when the US outlet opened last summer. Order went through but later got an email that the item was no longer available
EU outlet seemed to be cheaper
I ended up grabbing a tuxedo from the EU outlet.Was going to wait for the US outlet to open but didn't want to take risk of the US outlet not having that specific tuxedo.Better yet take risk of the US outlet not opening at all.
I don't recall the US and EU outlet opening around the same time but from the comment above I may be wrong
I don't think US outlet is opening
   Would be surprised if the US outlet opens. I have never seen both EUR and US outlet open at the same time.
 message sent
Any status on if it is even opening in the US? I don't ever recall the outlet opening in Eur and US at the same time
I am in need of a tuxedo
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