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Yes it's selection of articles only 
Anybody have a working promo code?
Has anyone went to Century 21 recently...any tom ford ties?
I would purchase that Green Roma jacket from the EU outlet site but im in the US 
Lapels are too skinny for my taste and I am not a fan of single vent jackets
What is the best shoe polish to use on a pair of Selbourne Chestnut Antique Calf shoes and where can it be purchased?
Christmas Party for work  
Looks like they added more Jackets on the online store. Some jackets seem to be from last F/W because I purchased that same exact Washington Plain last Winter.Sizes are also limited. 
They also need to do a better job with the color descriptions on the website.
lol   I know Tom Ford has 4.5 inch wide ties that would go well with a jacket with lapels like that
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