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ItIt's still a beautiful jacket regardless.
Dark Brown Washington came in today and the Brown is VERY DARK!  Here is the jacket next to a black jacket to really see the color
Did anyone else get the "dispatch in up to 5 days" email when ordered from the outlet site?
I'm confused....what's the difference between the women way and the man way?
For the Soho DB jacket dropped to 99/149$  jacket I ordered it Thursday and it came in Friday. It was shipped from NJ to RI
I like P3721 better
Outlet site is near empty.
Nice jacket,pants and shoes. The shirt, tie and PS I don't like tho.A different color PS and shirt(i think that white) would have helped.
Better tie knot even it it need more work(more tighter,dimple,etc). Notice you don't have the gap as before. 
You have a tie/shirt gap. A shelby or half windsor tie knot would solve the.Jacket need some surpression in the waist.
New Posts  All Forums: