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How are CT end of year sales?
I don't think I will purchase I tie from there but they have nice pocket squares which I have a few of
i just noticed the outlet site now requires a code myself
Nice socks!!   Though most people on this forum will disagree. Too matchy with the tie and watch in my opinion
Nice jacket...a wider tie is needed tho
Received my first Epaulet purchase today "Slim Walt Trouser Burgendy Hopsack Wool" . I ordered a size up (sz. 36) like I usually do due to my big thighs and they fit great.Love the pants! I just have to take in the waist and shorten the length.   I plan on getting a pair of Slim Walt Trousers Nori Tropical Wool before the year ends. The pale green color on those pants are lovely.
I need these!! How much do they go for LuisCF??
Looks like the website removed all the Christopher fits....That style was ugly anyway. Has anyone actually purchased  one?
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