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I made a purchase Friday night and today I notice the "Track and Trace" option is available. A Shipping reference number is available but no actually tracking info. I assume its already packaged with shipping info but not sent UPS because of the holiday today. I am assuming I will get more info tomorrow. I'm hoping to receive it before the weekend.
I was thinking of pulling the trigger on that San Diego fit. I think its bad ass if you ask me.
I have one pair of A. Testoni light brown wingtips and they are made in Italy
Has anyone actually ordered and received an item from the outlet site? Was at least provided at tracking number? I'm curios because I know the website is still under construction as I was told by the SA
Patiently waiting until last Spring collection is added to the outlet site..I have 3 items i have my eye on
When is the last day of this?
Do modern luxury sale shirts ever for less than $40 ?
US selection of jackets is terrible compared to other countries
may you post pics?
They claim its Brown but from the picture looks dark grey. It's just one of those jackets I will have to see in person for the true color. Will post pictures when I receive it
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