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Nope.....only NYC
Bump.......     LBM and Boglioli unconstructed jackets are starting to grow on me. There's a few on yoox and haberdashmen that I have my eye on. I am curious how the fit of these jackets. Pictures would be great
Has anyone had any luck ordering an item from a different countries SS website that was not available in your country?
 Love the Suitsupply Brown Check Jacket. On the website it looks like a dark grey with brown checks but with your pics I can clearly see its brown. I plan on ordering the same jacket next month assuming nothing else is added the site that catches my attention  Personally I would take in the waist but jacket overall looks great
I'm looking to purchase burgundy/maroon double monks.I first came across these carmina Shoes from Epaulet that go for $825 They are a little over my budget of $700 but are still an option. I then came across a pair of Magnannis that I can get for $159 that were originally $459 at Last Call. Which pair should I go for?Any other recommended shoes besides these two?
I checked the website before posting(no laziness over here buddy). The website doesn't have the shoe in burgundy.
Does Carmina make a shoe similar to the Salinger Double Monk Burgundy Shell Cordovan that is not for Epaulet. I want the exact color(burgundy) and style(double monk).           http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear/products/salinger-double-monk-burgundy-shell-cordovan
Im not a big fan of driver shoes. I would rather get leater sole gucci loafers
I go to the gym alot so i have descent size shoulders...so i prefer natural
 thanks....looking forwrad to pics after the tailor. I might be purchasing this next month.    How heavy is the jacket? Is it a true heavy jacket or could you see yourself wearing it year round?
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