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Jacket is too short Sleeves on the jacket are long Pants could be shortened a little
I came to the conclusion that 8.5" is the best leg opening for me. I use to do 8" but realized the pants were going over my shoe
Thanks alot man
Can someone post a picture of their LBM jacket with their height and size of the jacket. I want to order but worried about the length of the jacket.
How many blue havana jackets does SS need to have on the site?!?!?!
Nope.....only NYC
Bump.......     LBM and Boglioli unconstructed jackets are starting to grow on me. There's a few on yoox and haberdashmen that I have my eye on. I am curious how the fit of these jackets. Pictures would be great
Has anyone had any luck ordering an item from a different countries SS website that was not available in your country?
 Love the Suitsupply Brown Check Jacket. On the website it looks like a dark grey with brown checks but with your pics I can clearly see its brown. I plan on ordering the same jacket next month assuming nothing else is added the site that catches my attention  Personally I would take in the waist but jacket overall looks great
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