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this forum doesn't like red or yellow ties...which is non sense in my opinion..but to each his own
Looks fake to me...never seen that buckle before...
I take that back..it works! since it ends in November I have plenty of time
 Either i'm looking in the wrong place or this is a lie
 Looks good...I would definetly tighten the waist on the jacket.
Blue shirt,Navy jacket,grey trousers,dark brown shoes(though u can't go wrong with black,burgurndy or light brown) and you are good to go.Also add a white PS
 I would have done a white shirt for the first outfit. The 2nd outfit I am not a fan on the jacket but I like the tie.
How are the Lambswool Flannel pants?
Regarding Hermes ties I would just get straight from their boutique or online.Better safe then sorry.
 Pants could be shorter in length in my opionion..besides that everything looks good
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