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How do you guys feel about wearing a wrist watch with a tuxedo?
@robxznyc SuitSupply which seems to be popular on this side provide L and S sizes in their suiting.. Thanks for the info!
How do you go about selecting small suit/sportcoat sizes(examples 44S US Size). Are all the suit sizes Regular sizes?
Latest Yoox order issue:    I purchased some Black Fleece Brooks Brothers trousers at size34 but when I received the item it was size BB3,which is equivalent to a size 36 on Brooks Brother Black Fleece sizing chart. They ended up giving me 10% off the trousers. The pants fit will regardless so kept anyway
[[SPOILER]]    Size 42R for sale. PM if interested EDIT:SOLD
Cut from pure wool by Vitale Barberis Canonico, this 2-on-2 double-breasted tuxedo features a widened, silk-covered peak lapel and buttons, silk-trimmed jetted pockets, natural shoulder, and a classic Scottish Black Watch design.   FREE SHIPPING   NO FOREIGN SALES AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL        
Do you guys think this is a year round Tuxedo?
Bump....     Is a black watch tuxedo acceptable year round?
Kind of regretting not getting that Navy Madison jacket 
Any discount codes?
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