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I  co sign the above statement. I was in Paris in May and purchase plently of Saphir Products at BHV. I could not find Saphir waterproof spray there but I was able to purchase shoe polish,renomat, and renovateur .
I know meermin sells 2nd's on ebay
I wash with cold water and tumble dry low. 
Business/work is the only time I do not wear a PS
I remember when all SS jackets were $399 
if I remember correctly they did not have "5 days of saving" last year and during the semi annual sale in december filson was excluded
History shows that the next corporate sale is around mid October
I got my eye on a Filson bag myself anyone have an idea of when the next cooperate day sale is?
Pants could use a taper
Outlet is 346 crap..dont waste your time
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