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The plastic hanger I received was from s/s 2014 collection
To add on this I even received a plastic hanger rather than a wooden hanger for my recent purchase
I have a pair of the first ones...Personally I would go with those
Check the last of the boots. I believe them two boots are the same last therefore they should fit the exact same
Looks like they added more items to the SS outlet site. 
It is just a popular jacket amongst the people in this thread. I have the jacket myself. It was one of the first items that was offered at a reduced price in the US
I am interested in a proxy
Has anyone tried Saks Black label dress shirt? If so,how are they?
Right now I am using Allen Edmond Conditioner Cleaner as my conditioner. Is Saphir Renovateur worth the price or should I stick with AE conditioner?
I had an item in my dream box that had a price increase also
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