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i have the same issue....buy a size where it fits in the thighs and take the waist in and taper if necessary 
 Wider collar and plain white shirt would have been better. Very nice suits tho
Just purchased the last Walt Juniper Linen Pants in size 36 for $95. I plan on stashing them for the summer
Love those pants..picked up a pair a few months ago.
Cotton LBM 1911 unconstructed jacket with wool trousers?
I've came a long way looking back at this thread 
hopefully US outlet re-opens also
Brown Linen Washington suit looks good..besides that not really impressed from what i see.       I'm expecting S/S 14 to release early Feb
This is a nice picture how NewYorkIslander shortened the sleeves on an LBM jacket. Looks good in my opinion. Tho i love the pick stitch on the cuff I can live w/o it
Is it possible to do alterations(shortening sleeves and supressing waist) on an LBM unconstructed jacket?
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