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I had an item in my dream box that had a price increase also
I was planning to try Reno Mat
Would a deer bone work with the welts or should I stick with solvents?
What are some good solvents?
Any ways of removing these raised leather spots caused by water marks?  
constructions seems fine with me... i don't like the construction of Brioni ties..its difficult to get a great dimple with them
Tom Ford and Hermes has my vote
2014   - Bought a lot of summer sportscoats (linen,linen blends). I tend to go out more in the spring/summer..wedding,vacations,etc. - I started to restart my whole winter casual wardrobe.I got rid of a lot of of hoodies,sweater,boots and jeans. Purchased two pair of Red Wing Boots,a few pairs of 513 jeans/corduroys and some sweaters. - I purchased a dress up coat which was needed in my wardrobe - I am overall satisfied with my shoe and tie collection - I needed more...
Ill wait to order from the store tommorow..im refuse to pay for s/H
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