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Any new LBM 1911/Lubiam in the near future?
SuitSupply wool/cashmere Brown Havana Suit from Outlet perhaps?
Iron Rangers today
Nice Combo!Tie Deets?
@SYCSYC Do you iron your own trousers. If so what is your technique? Your trousers are sharp as a blade 
I wear 42R.The only SS fits I own are Soho,Madison,Lazio and Havana. Comparing to the single breasted fits I own I would say the Havana is slimmer than the Lazio. Check out the SS thread on this website with plenty of info about the brand.
SuitSupply Havana
VDay Dinner   Shoes: Meermin Pants: Zanella Tie: Brioni Shirt: CT Jacket: SS
@conceptual 4est,@gdl203    Any plans of receiving Luigi Bianci Mantova Spring/Summer jackets from their latest collection?    I am specifically interested in this field jacket from LBM  
Bump....   How would you compare Epaulet Walt to Howard Yount Old Italian Cut in term of fit?   I currently own a few pairs of Epaulet Walt and are by far my favorite trousers fit wise.
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