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Thanks a lot @gyasih
Does anyone know any retailers or website that sell them?
Bump...   what are some good sites to purchase a double breasted khaki color 100% cotton Burberry London trench coat?
Bump....     Anyone knows when the next sale is?
As long as it fits you well you can make good use out of it
I had to size up so it was not tight in the chest area if i had a sportcoat on. I am wearing a sportscoat under in the pictures. I will definitely have to get the sleeves shortened but I am debating on if I should get the waist taken in. I feel there is too much extra material under the armpit. What do you guys think?    
Im holdin out all purchases until after thanksgiving...
Been looking for Navy double breasted for a while now..might have to purchase this
I don't mind the wide lapels on the Madison(maybe because i haven't physical seen one). I would give it a try if there there was one that was on the site that I actually was interested in
SS needs more soho jackets!
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