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The cotton/linen/silk Havana blue stripe suit?
Tie Deets  Tom Ford maybe?
The break in process was a harsh as well for me but after 4/5 wears they are now very comfortable
I purchased the same suit.Should be coming in the mail today 
There is nothing wrong with the suit. I just don't like it anymore.
I had to seperate orders(ordered on the 5th and 6th). The order from the 5th came in yesterday. I expect the other to come on 11th.     I want to part ways with this suit that I recently purchased from the outlet.           Message me if interested
Suit is NWT Tags and unaltered. Retailed at $499. Cotton/Linen/Silk blend by Subalpino. Free Shipping.
I did it on an item and the order ended up going through 
 This size filters were not consistent. I would filter size 42 and items available in that size displayed. I would then remove the 42 filter to display all items available,select an item that didn't display when having the 42 filter and a 42 would be available on that item 
yea i received the email also. They are like a day late
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