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I usually do 8.25"
Members club jacket 
Is it cheaper to buy Saphir products oveaseas(London or Paris) or in the US?
Do brooks brothers trousers come with permanent crease when bought?
Anyone know when the next cooperate sale is?
Girlfriend caught me fixing myself  
anyway of getting rid of welts (bumps) on shell cordovan?
I've done it plenty of time. Call and they will reimburse you the delta. Even if the item is sold out in your size but other sizes are available of the same item, if there is a price drop the will reimburse you the money with 20 days of receiving it.
Any updates on which linen Walts trousers will be avaiable? I am i need a light grey linen trousers..should have bought them last year :(
I personally think the Beckman has better color options
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