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Does anyone have an update regarding the SS outlet site? It usually opens this time of the year
I personally like the 3137's better....now you have me thinking of getting a pair for myself for the winter 
Question @Braddock ...Do you always wear suspenders with your Suits and SC/Odd Trousers?
Yea I recently had my Madison tailored also. The jacket was tailored with no problem(usual waist surpression and shorten sleeve length) but the pants needed major work.I had to taper the pants because I felt they were too wide. Making the waist go from 36 to about 33 was major work also. Still worth it regardless. A lovely suit once tailored
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Them textures
FYI the $50 that came with the new credit card can be combined with the private sale(code: 8723). The private sale ends to today while the the credit card expired the 15th so use it today!
Yea I have one of those as well. It can with the credit card . I don't think it can be combined with any other sales.
Any details on the private sale going on Sept. 11- 13?
The blue jacket doesn't seem bad.....The "sienna " fit is questionable thought. Does anyone know how it fits compared to the more popular fits?
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