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@An Acute Style I always thought @blekit owned the most SuitSupply on Styleforum
[[SPOILER]] Pants are too tapered imo
Nice suit but I wish you wore a tie rather than a bowtie
Jacket : SuitSupply Shirt : CT Trousers : Brooks Brother Black Fleece Shoes; A Testoni Tie: Tom Ford
That Jacket
[[SPOILER]] I regret not purchasing this jacket when the outlet opened
I have a brown Linen suit from like 2 summer collection ago and its my favorite summer suit. Quality is great. I don't mind wrinkles when it comes to linen.
wow... I'm in the US and I always get a credit back. The one time I didn't get credit back was when I used a promo code and later on a promo code with a higher percentage off came out after I had already purchased the item.
How do you guys feel about wearing a wrist watch with a tuxedo?
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