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In my opinion I think you would benefit with slimmer trousers. You would appear slimmer overall.
  I personally would only mix linen with cotton. A pure wool jacket with a pure linen jacket just seems odd to me. A wool/linen blend jacket with light wool trousers would be the only exception.
hopefully these sales repeat from last year....
Pants are too tapered in my opinion.
One of your best fits 
I would just hold onto the store credit until the outlet opens up again. I plan on doing that with the $25 dollar store credit I received from ordering an item at the outlet that was later unavailable.
I mean there is not much that is for 199,well at least what I would buy. I would just take the store credit .
Copy cat. I posted an outfit with that jacket a few pages back You was better off not wearing that pocket square since its color is similar to the jacket. I also  would have went with a darker tie but that might just be my preference.
I am currently a belt wearer and been considering for a while to switch to suspenders. Belts do not hold on my pants well. They seem to slip down the waist throughout the day and I am constantly fixing my pants for a proper pants drape I just don't want to go through the hassle of adding suspender buttons to all my trousers.
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