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@SYCSYC your pants crease look amazing. Any tips?
What is the cheapest website to buy Carmina's,specifically dark brown suede oxford? I just know of the Carmina website and  Gentlemensfootwear.com
Get well @upr_crust
I just now noticing this with the Washington fit. I prefer the old Washington
Do you guys apply the tie width/lapel width rule when wearing your Washingtons,Madisons and Soho's?
You could wait until Red Wing has their Black Friday sale which is 20% off
@Leanderthal ....you could use a more agressive taper across the entire leg. Them pants make you look bigger than what you are.
Trousers are too long imo.
@steveyoo1983   When are you guys going to restock on the Carmina Shoemaker Quarter Brogue in Chocolate Suede?I am looking for the in 8UK(9D) http://www.gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/frontpage/products/pre-order-carmina-shoemaker-quarter-brogue-simpson-in-chocolate-suede   How do they compare to Cap Toe Oxfords In Brown Suede on the Carmina site? https://www.carminashoemaker.us/mens-oxford-shoes/suede-lace-up-cap-toe-762     Thanks
That Jacket 
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