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I understand that of course   but I do think that in many instances -especially if we are not talking about 'dress shoes', (but even then)- the actual 'construction' is not that important if the quality is right
this shoe construction business is getting ever more varied. I guess this has been the case for some time, but the days where a list would always consists of the traditional, norvegese (and other triple stitches), gyear, blake-rapid, rapid ,  bologna , 'simply glue' are gone   tough luck for pic based internet examinations
the second looks much better than the first. I think the sweater is not helping in the first, it is not 'tight' enough and looks too long  
 Brand New In Box Edward Green for RLPL Barksdale Penny Loafers in Black- size 7/7.5- last E101   It comes with the RLPL box   This pair resides in the UK. Buyer pays for shipping fees and paypal fees   Great price for a great pair of shoes   Sole dimensions : 11 inches long / 3.75 inches at its widest / 2.5 inches at its narrowest        
hello   I was a lurker on this thread some time ago, i just returned and my question is what happened to Victor??   Did he stop posting ?  
Lets not forget that Crockett & Jones payed for product placement in Wall Street 2. (Money Never Sleeps)   Once Gordon Gekko managed to get rich again he went straight to C&J's shop in London.  
I am sorry to tell you this but I have it from a reliable source that there wont be a pre-christmas sale at Northampton's John Lobb  factory shop this year
I got it yesterday and it is full of hand made details, like hand sewn buttons, the sewing around the sleeves, on the shoulders etc The buttons i believe are MOP. Not the thick/solid MOPs I am used to in Loro Piana and Mattabisch though or even RLPL.   I am ok with it, being my 1st borreli since it is pretty hard to find them in the UK
tough crowd hm?   well i will report back in a few days when it arrives  
no takers?   Is anyone interested in a review when I receive the item in a few days?
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