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This post goes a little off the current gist of the discussion but I have a few questions on G&G and it would seem this is the best thread to ask them , so bear with me   As you can see I am offering a pair of G&Gs for sale. I have good experience of high end English shoes (I have a large number of EGs, JLPs, C&Js, top line Church's) but had never handled a G&G before. I happened to 'stumble' on this pair during a RL sale and bought it simply for the purpose of...
big sale on 12-12-12? are you sure? i thought the big sale would be on 21-12-12, it being the end of the word and all
in Danielle6's case beggars CAN be choosers   This guy has been begging for a discount on the EGs I am selling and then keeps equivocating on whether the size is right. Anyone thinking of  selling to Danile6 should approach with extreme caution as time wasting is of the highest probability
you guys are missing the beauty of the single monk (in Burgundy) in the back   Unfortunately I was told by EG that they only offer them as MTO and hence £200 pounds more expensive than the RTW price- even though there is nothing different about them finishing wise. It seems they see it as too flashy to offer as a RTW. I think they are very wrong, but to no avail it seems
7/7.5 ?   did I hear my name mentioned  
I am pleased to offer this beautiful pair of shoes from Gaziano & Girling made for Ralph Lauren Purple Label, at the much reduced price of £399   G&G’s TG73 last is gorgeous and the fiddleback waist is a thing of beauty too   They are in immaculate condition and come with their box   Outer sole measures: 11.75” in length, 4” at its widest   Buyer to pay for shipping plus any paypal fees
There are/were at least two types of santoni FAM shoes, one being really good, the other not so much. if you search SF you will find out about markers like serrated/non serrated inner soles, pink/salmon inner soles   i have 2 pairs of santoni for dunhill but only wore one of them a small number of times. they look so nice it would be criminal to actually wear them, so durability is unknown   the explicit 'santoni for dunhill' collaboration is over, but dunhill...
It is always a pleasure to see Japanese literature about shoes,. I was aware of the shoe construction manuals but had never seen these   As someone who has done a lot of personal experimentation in 'polishing' -not so much for a shine but for a 'patina creation/modification'- it is nice to see well documented detailed instructions even if i would do some things differently   Professionally, I interact with Japanese companies daily, concerning very technical...
  my biggest complain is the upper's leather.   attractiveness/lasts is a to great extent a personal thing so who i am to tell you they are not attractive. but as my experience of shoes has progressed i never looked back to cheaney in that respect   solid shoes they are, hence me using them as beater shoes   retail price is too high for what you get, but they can be had for little as seconds/sales, so again, good beater shoes
I confess i used chay-knee too, but on the other hand why even care. Chee-knee are only good as beater shoes. I would not mention them in polite conversation for fear of embarrassment anyway
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