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i have decided not to say. It is enough that our  ebay friend "sausages" literally spends his life hunting for any good deals, I don't want to have to dodge Malphord, Ich and god knows how many more chancers, when i do it as an amateur on my work trips   Sausages is a real pro. The morning after I advertised some EGs for RLPL that he had missed the guy was already there asking for them only to be disappointed. 5 minutes later he came back all flustered having lost his car...
while I know that model/size are critical price determinants  would I be right to assume that like for like (give me some latitude here) EG's sell for higher price than similar model/size G&G's or do I need to reduce my asking price for the G&Gs because they are not EGs?   NOTE: Personally I prefer EGs (sorry ) but on 8 UK G&G's is what I have for sale
Private sales in general are mostly BS from my experience, RL's private sales more so due to their policy of crazy price dumping in their prime outlets.   I issue a 'challenge': please guess what was the cheapest that price EG Inverness were on sale in the UK's RL outlet this fall? You will be surprised I guarantee
I  don't know.   There seems to be a default assumption in SF  that top priced Made in Italy shoes, that fall under the RLPL banner, are made by Silvano Sassetti. The Conlan's have different soles from the highest priced Made in Italy shoes but they are not much cheaper . Since Sassetti produces from total crap shoes to very good shoes, the Sassetti brand name is of no use when it comes to ascertaining shoe origin
From where I stand i dont see anyway the prices of RTW Kiton shirts can be justified
That would be a huge surprise since those shoes are "Made in Italy", unless Gaziano got his relatives back in Italy to work for him
Of the Saphir ('gold medal') products, I also prefer to use Saphir’s neutral polish Not just for EGs but in general   This runs counter to Saphir's popularity and hence- I assume-  to most  people's 'user experience', but I have found that Saphir coloured creams have a tendency to 'take away' the original colour of the upper if there is a mismatch and so unless you know what  matches with some certainty- perhaps as suggested by Modic for the EG colours case-  you may well...
dont get me wrong I have seen plenty of beautiful Vass shoes.   I just don't see them here, but I know that some people really like this type of 'chunky' shoes (I hesitate to call it central european style). I am obviously not trying to convince anyone to agree with me, but I doubt I am the only one thinking the shoes in the pics are not 'beauties'  
I don't know.I see a bunch of ugly shoes. What do you see?
You may want to add that they are made by Edward Green as it will probably help sell them to some members
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