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Agreed, booziness is the spirit of the drink. I only really enjoy them with a nice high-proof whiskey. I wish cask proof brandy was still readily available (and not ruinously expensive), to try the original recipe in its full glory. Half bonded Laird's is an interesting variant in the same spirit, but it's really its own thing because of the apple flavor.Lemon peel blows orange peel out of the water (unless it's a Seville orange peel.)
Neither, I substituted Bonded Laird's.
Belated Thanksgiving post: We made a bowl of Philadelphia Fish House Punch. It didn't last the night.
Paper planes, Nebbiolo, and vin santo-- all with dinner ad prepared/served by someone else for a change
I've added citric acid, which works pretty well. I'd imagine phosphoric acid would perform similarly.
I had a great time at the Columbia Room, but I think the experience there (even more than usual for a cocktail bar) is completely bartender-dependent because of the format.I couldn't agree more on PX-- what a disappointment. The fact that it's nearly impossible to go off-menu was the kiss of death for me. That kind of aggressively-curated menu works for a restaurant, but not a cocktail bar.I need to try the Gibson.The Blood and Sand suffers from the same problem that all...
Bag the cider and sub Bonded Laird's as the base (if you're dead-set on bourbon, you could use a 50-50 mixed base) and you could probably make some sort of Fizz-like drink.
Homemade, using this recipe which produces as good a result as anything I've had from a bar and (alone among homemade orgeat recipes) requires zero painful almond blanching.I'll have to try this. Can I sub Cocchi Americano for the Lillet?
"Try a porkpie hat and a pair of no-show loafer socks in your breast pocket. It's the look of this fall, and shows confidence."
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