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I've been making something very similar to this (bit more sour) with a base of 3 Appleton V/X:1 Smith and Cross. Yellow Chartreuse is a great modifier and it plays very nicely with falernum (herbs and spices?)
Also, from a few days ago– a Cocktail (Old Fashioned, if you like) with passionfruit syrup: 2 oz. Four Roses Single Barrel 1/8 oz. (rich) passionfruit syrup  2-3 dash Dandelion-Burdock bitters 2-3 dash orange bitters   Stir. Rocks. Orange peel.
Brandy-Arrack Punch.
We've beat stripes, neats, and slubs to death. I want to see some madders.
Damn these United States. When I heard "restore diplomatic relations", I assumed-- reasonably, I think-- that this meant "get some goddamn Havana Club on the shelf in the next week of so." I'm still waiting. Thanks, Obama.
Two seasons of solid navy + brown herringbone tweed (climate permitting.)
I suspect that would probably work (and I have no reason to doubt Morgenthaler) I usually let the peels and sugar sit for some period of time and when I come back the sugar is always oilier than when I left it. A few good grinds to improve the contact and rupture the oil glands would probably still help, though.Also, I drank a few Left Hands tonight.
At this point I'm so used to grinding big zests of whole lemons into demerara sugar over and over in a big granite mortar and pestle that it's just part of the ritual of punchmaking for me. The part that always kills me is filtering the punch base at the end...
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