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Hard 3? Never. 3-roll-2? Whenever possible. I don't think your pressing solution will work-- for one thing, the top buttonhole is finished on the wrong side. For another, the jacket is probably cut as a hard 3.
My (very minor) issue was with wearing the semi-spread collar open-necked, not with wearing it at all.
Per @heldentenor's suggestion, I'm crossposting this from the GNAT for discussion:
I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I just posted a huge missive about jackets in response to a typical, unanswerably broad question. Not sure if it's worth advertising (accept maybe to invite scorn/"feedback"), but I thought it might useful to some of the n00bs who wander in here.
On the other hand, worrying about things on an online forum gave us a 1037-page (and counting) thread, so maybe just keep doing what you do.
  I like black shoes just fine with city looks. Like Claghorn, I just own and wear a lot more brown ones.
To be less glib, context is hugely important. Where are you wearing this jacket and what are you wearing it with? What other clothes do you have that you might want to wear it with? Does it work as a jacket at all, or does it look like half a suit?   The best practical discussion of context (with pictures) is here, and I won't do it any justice by rehashing it. It will make more sense, though, if you think of jackets from the ground up. At the risk of doing exactly what...
Sometimes not sure if I'm really, really late into stage 1 or early into stage 3. The percentage of strongly checked jackets--enough to override a veto--in my closet suggests the latter. I think part of it is that iGentry is more developed (and accessible in retail) these days, with the consequence that a lot more people are starting in stage 2, making some terrible mistakes, and then learning the value of simplicity (and of "the rules.") This is sort of like deriving...
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