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If only someone made an ocbd that was both blue AND white, maybe in equally-sized vertical stripes.
By the time I got there, I had (unfortunately) already purchased an unconscionable amount of tweed. I got 3.5m of something similar to this, but in a bluer lovat and with a square windowpane:I see a lot more yardage from this mill in my future.
With apologies for poor photo quality:
I'm drinking margaritas, served fifties-style.
More concentrated in all ways (abv, sweetness, bitterness.) As @B1ossaid, it's mainly the sweetness that's a problem in this context.
I tend to use it more like an orange liqueur than an amaro.
For the past few years now, I've resorted to high-rye mashbill bourbon(bonded Old Grand-Dad specifically) as my go to mixing "rye." There's not much of sufficient proof and quality (unless you love MGP rye, I guess) for me to use as a standard cocktail rye.
Thanks for the advice, really appreciate the wisdom of a pro, especially one of your calibre. I'm not completely decided on the details yet (and I'd be delighted for inspiration if anyone has particularly nice tweed DB overcoat makeups.) I'll inquire with the maker, and err on the side of more.
Kill it with fire.Kill it with fire.
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