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Crunchy, square (but no strong objection to pointed), 7-8 cm (7.5 would be ideal), always silk, always solid. I would bend the solids rule for bicolored, maybe for the right dots, but I really don't like horizontal stripes (or any other patterned knit for that matter.) The combination of simplicity and textural interest is what makes knits so great in the first place place. That said, it's true that I just generally hate horizontal stripes on CM clothing.
Any updates on the blog (particularly the archive?)
If you're talking about the regular blue label Pusser's, I don't think it's much of a sipper-- it's pirate juice through and through, a stubby little bottle of esters and heat. It's great for mixing, though I think I like Smith and Cross a little better for this kind of rum. Not a recommendation for sipping rums, but (possibly unnecessary) piece of advice-- rum, more so than any other base spirit, really shines as a blended base in cocktails. By blending rums you can...
It's backwards logic.Formal=white linen square (generally true), so white linen square=formal (demonstrably false.)I will say I generally don't love a white linen square with tweed, but it otherwise seems to work with pretty much everything.
#1 has pattern-scale issues, it's too similar to the jacket.#2 I generally like, although I worry it might get lost in the jacket (to my mind, this is the real problem with "matchy-matchy" combinations.)
A thigh-length overcoat will work OK, too. There's really no other good option of appropriate formality, although any shits that were given about this at "normal" winter temperatures-- and in Minnesota that's not many-- pretty much go out the window around 7F. Also, I know it wasn't really your question, but I'd strongly recommend a tweed sportcoat if you don't already have one. It works well for the transitional seasons (not just fall, but also those wonderful 4-6 weeks...
Get a good overcoat, a real one. Knee- or calf-length is best, you'll want your legs covered in the tundra by Lake Superior. You can get overcoats with removable down linings, but I've made it through plenty of subzero weeks without a down lining just by layering well. Heavy wool sweater over dress shirt, tweed jacket over sweater, wool overcoat over tweed jacket, scarf, and lined leather gloves is a combination that has served me well in the frigid north. Layering like...
Suitsupply seems to be entering the Backlash phase of the SF hype cycle. ---------
Photo of the previously-mentioned Brandy-Rack punch, which wound up being a punch royale. Good punch isn't very nice to look at, but it's very nice to drink. Recipe: 1/2 lb. turbinado or demerara sugar 4 lemon peels 2 orange peels (Seville if you can get them) 8 oz. lemon juice 5 oz. Battavia Arrack 5 oz. cognac (I used Kelt VSOP) 2 bottles of champagne (sub for water for the non-royale version, also quite good and guests more likely to remain vertical) Make...
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