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Regency Punch. Mint leaves in the ice are in recognition of the date.
This is relevant to my interests, please do keep posting this stuff.Jim Meehan, as usual, is right about things.What part of the industry do you work in?
The first time I ordered a Trinidad Sour I really thought it was someone's idea of a joke. The fact that it's a fantastic drink apart from its cheekiness sets it apart. It's also nice to look at.
Aside from the Penicillin, an Islay rinse is agreat addition to brown/bitter/stirred drinks (try it with a Manhattan, for starters) and many sours.It's also great in an old school toddy or hot Whisky punch.
It's a really solid islay blend for the price; great for rinses and islay cocktails. Beats the hell out of rinsing with Lag 16, which is what I was doing before.
I hope they were good friends. I love PCNs dearly, but they're usually made of Black Bottle and Pig's Nose in my house...
I didn't understand any of these old OJ cocktails (the Monkey Gland is a worse offender than the Blood and Sand) at all until I got hold of some Seville oranges. I suspect (and have done no research to prove) that oranges used to be much more sour than our modern navel oranges. All of the old orange juice cocktails benefit greatly from a 50% lemon juice substitution or the addition of citric acid.
Manhattans of various shapes and sizes: a Ramazotti Black Manhattan prepared by a professional; a Handy-Cocchi Manhattan and a Rittenhouse-Antica Manhattan with an Islay rinse, both garnished with Seville orange peel and made by me.
Oh, I completely agree that too many bars--usually the kind that seem to think sleeve garters, a flavor-of-the-minute liqueur in every drink, clever drink names, and (pointlessly) long ingredient lists are necessary and sufficient for a cocktail bar-- idiotically try to create an atmosphere with rows upon rows of dropper bottles of purchased bitters when the original containers would serve better and be more informative.I've noticed that the places that make the best and...
My experiences there have been similar. It was a great bar in 2007, and it's a great bar now.
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