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I'm thinking about getting one of the boots currently on the site, but unfortunately I don't have any experience with the Hiro last. I have a pair of boots in Olfe and a pair of oxfords on the Park last, both at 9UK. They're both comfortable, but a tad loose. I've heard Hiro is roomier, so I'm struggling with whether or not I should size down to 8.5UK for Hiro boots. Any advice?
Just picked up a pair of my shoes I had Steve shine up for me, and the look great! (And yes, those are my arms you see in the near-mirror finish that Steve put on them...)
 Will do -- I'm thinking about swinging by on Saturday if you're still offer shoe-shine services (...and to check out the new place obviously!)
Thanks for the comments guys. I'm not particularly worried about the vents, as I have a fairly large rear end haha. Double vented is much better than a single vent for me! I guess my main hold up is that right now I'm about 5 lbs over my normal weight (although probably about 15 over what I should be haha)... I'm trying to decide if I think it'll ease up a bit more when I get back down to my walking size. It's tough because I absolutely love the fabric (look, feel,...
 polo-suede penney loafers? I may have to mosey up to Hillcrest to check those out!
Received my first eHaberdasher purchase just before the holidays and finally got a chance to actually put it on and check the fit. It's a touch tight through the gut, but I think that's more of a personal post-holiday-without-working-out problem than an issue with the jacket -- I'm pretty sure a size up (from 39/40R to 41/42R) would be too much. Any thoughts? Should I be worried about the tightness now while I can still return it?        
Moving down the road? Boo! Being a block away was pretty convenient for me haha
There might be trouble if that one pair of U-cap boots is still in stock if I swing by the store later this week... those look great! (And, Steve,  it was great meeting you last week!)
 I'd e-mail them -- my minuteman says Japan Movemovent -- the other watch says Swiss Movement, maybe that's where the confusion comes from?
 List price was about $180 for the horn one (little better than the website because I was paying in HKD) and the timezone one was listed at ~$300. They gave me a 10% discount for buying both (and a friend bought a purse) at the same time; I forget what the threshold we had to hit to get the discount. It's definitely expensive for a pair of quartz watches, but I was willing to pay the premium for the uniqueness factor. Plus these were my keepsakes from this Hong Kong trip...
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