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Maiden voyage of the copper suede gmto!
I just picked up my GMTO copper suede captoes from FedEx!  [[SPOILER]]  Here they are with my other GMTO Meermins: Finally, I think some people had questions about how the new Park last looks compared to the Carmina Simpson last, so here are some side by side photos. I'll try and give some better impressions once I've worn the Meermin's a couple times, but here are a few initial ones: The Park last has a much more "square" toebox than the Simpson, particularly from the...
I picked up mint from FedEx yesterday!        
 Looking good! missed my delivery today :(
Those look like the Olfe lasted ones, right?   Look great! Any QC issues? Or are they as good as they look at first glance?   Mine are en route from Newark to California... go faster Fedex!
 Same for me!
Just got the payment email this morning!
*waits expectantly for email*
Hi -- I'm considering purchasing a Benjamin suit -- I've been looking at the Suit Supply Napoli but didn't have a great experience in the store -- I felt like they were really pushing me into a 40R rather than a 42R. It felt (and looked) a bit too snug to me, but the salesman wouldn't relent.   I think the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald 42R seems to fit me pretty well, and the comments from the above poster make it seem like a Benjamin Classico II should be a good fit. Does...
Not my experience. When I was there I was interested in any brown oxford in 9uk and they had only 3 or 4 pairs that met that criteria. They were very eager to sell me shoes and have them delivered, but they didn't have great stock. I had much better luck at carmina and consequently bought a pair.
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