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I am also interested in the comparison to Carmina models, as the Simpson fits me like a glove.Any chance we can see a front view, or one of the inner side of the shoe?
 These look great!
 I posted from my phone, didn't have any control over the size. If you click it, it gets bigger.
I'm sick of all the photos of the brand new and barely worn shoes... let's bring this thread back and show off some used footwear! Ralph Lauren Sandersons, about a year and half old
 Ah, I meant "bumped over" -- in the table it says "yes" under medallion+captoe, and we don't want the medallion.
I assume the "no and yes" got pumped over?
I'll go with red
Question got buried, mild bump...
Thanks everyone for the comments - should any competent watch service/repair store be able to handle it, it do I need to try and find someone with seagull experience?
Anyone ever try and order an existing Carmina model in a different leather color?   I may be interested in the Carmina 80208 (plain toe adelaide, simpson last) and I may have a couple problems -- 1) I'm interested in it as one of my few black shoes, not the chestnut shown on their website and 2) it doesn't appear to be available from any store.   Is there any way to order this and avoid paying the MTO markup? They clearly already have the patterns, I'd just like it in...
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