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John Lobb Kipling Loafers Size 7E - Brown museum calf   Like new condition. Worn minimal times.   Retail $1170 + tax etc.   PM me for any questions. $700   This is a bargain.       (Accepting trades for JL 6.5E or 7E)
John Lobb Kipling Loafers Size 11E - Black   Perfect condition. These will go fast. Retail at $1170 + tax etc.   PM immediately if interested.      
Thanks. I have that book handmade shoes for men.   Im looking for more books like that. Thanks.
Anyone know of any GREat and DETAILED books on bespoke shoes and the art of handmade shoes? (Lobb, Vass, etc.) Please let me know.   I want to gain as much knowledge as possible on this topic. Thanks.
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