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Brand new outlier OG pants in Tan Size 30 Price include shipping to CONUS SHIIPING INTERNATIONAL $40
Brand new OUTLIER NEW OG PANTS IN TAN SZ 30 Shipping is free in CONUS plus 4% PayPal INTERNATIONAL $40 plus 4 % pay pal
Hi, What size are you? If you like APC PS then I have a pair of Dior Homme sz 31x32 I'm claw mark jeans . Let me know if you are interested . Thanks
Great , we are the same size , I am also between sizes 31-32 I did collect denims and right now I have a few pairs on eBay And I also have a few pairs that I have yet to list If you'd like please check other my items on eBay One of the item number is 271458119968 And there are others on there too. I have tons of suggestions for you . Thanks
Sure, what's your size ? Where do you live? These are important summer in NYC is different from LA..
come to think of it, RRLs are not that expensive any longer as far as high quality denims,you might be able find on ebay for quite reasonable , besides you got a discount so , you are ok. Yes you will find selvedge in your up and arriving denim. RRL uses japanese selvedge denims so there is a quality pair denim. Slim fit is good, but not too slim and only difference is the leg opening less than 8 inches. you are also buying the leather patch with RL on it and some back...
alright  i get that the APC fades are very outstanding , ,but there are other brands that are very good with skinny fits.oo. besides, APCs when they are worn and stretched, the waist gets so big but the other parts of pants not so much, so you end up with loose waist, which will lead to hanging on your hips. i think they're over rated...
yeah, they will still stretch with more wear , its just their denim fabric they use. they stretch a great deal, i guess you will be comfortable in them after a while. of course, i know a few brands that make pitch black denim thats all i wear. for me if i wear black , must be pitch black, what sz are you ?
i am saying it again, i never find APC such a good pair of jeans, i dont know whats the fuss about the brand. well, are your jeans very pitch dark or denim dark, just cold soaked in cold water with woollite dark.  and hang dry, about your size i dont know what  sizes  your wear so i cant help you there. they will stretch to two inches as you wear ....APC, thats their norm.
 i dont see why not, unless they're very long. just make sure you wear the right kicks with your jeans,
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