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sand hoodie and a cod  
Whats up with the price increase on the John Elliot stuff? Like its the same clothing as last season but 30 dollars more
I hate how they say "it's a joke". They deserve a beating and really wish they done it to me
 Hahaha yea, i posted that little writeup i did on the kanye forum and reddit. Appreciate it, i used have a wider more muscular frame, and still tell everyone im a muscular lol Heres the full writeup on the kanye collection, sorry to get offtopic guys http://imgur.com/a/B5hqL
Yep. They're the kanye army pant. Definitely my favourite piece, along with the denim shirt that I picked up from that collection
Hey. So I tried a large villain in store and the arms were short on me, as well as the tight chest. I want a very relaxed fit. What size should I go for a xl or a XXL? I'm 6 foot 3, 195 with a muscular build. Here's a picture of me so people can get a better idea Thank you. I'm looking into the sand hoodie up on next
fragment obsidian's  
 they're releasing tommorow for sure(21st), just dont know what time to be exact. I dont want to wake up at 5am PST and wait all morning for a link https://twitter.com/nikelab/status/502138227612868608
any idea what time the fragment tennis shoes drop? need the blue suede ones
I'm thinking about waterproofing my rust's. How much will the colour change if sno-seal them. I really do not want to lose the beautiful rust colour. Anyone have pics?
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