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i last minute passed on the jacket. It a little to rich for my blood, especially with the USD to CAD conversion. Comes out to $630 CAD
I actually love the branding on the Reflective one.
Got the clash in today and I was fearing that it was going to be tight on me. But I went with a large (have a xl villain and I hate the fit) and the fit is perfect. Maybe that large villain I tried in store was mislabelled, because it was super tight on me. Anyways here a quick fit pic. Colour is dope and I really love the zippers
Prices on loopwheel collection? @JohnElliottCo
So I got the dark grey escobars and the LS Rebel yesterday. The fit is amazing on both items. I own a bunch of Nike techs pants but they gave me a serious diaper butt and didn't taper down from the knee enough. And the weight of the cotton is perfect. Never change the fit! I put on the escobars and they fit like a glove, everything is so perfect about them. And the ls Rebel is a slept on piece. I've never been a fan of mesh but it is such a simple, yet beautiful...
 try adding the UPS tracking code into the track by ref window. Sometimes it works like that https://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/track/personal/findByRefNumber?execution=e1s1
 Sizing question! i only own a hooded villain so thats what im basing my sizing on. I got a XL in it and i find it to big a bit to big in the shoulders and chest, But when i tried on a L, it was basically skin tight all over the upper body.  What size should i get in the clash? I am 6 foot 2, 200
 Details on the weight of the terry? im guessing its lighter than the hooded villian/villian crew, being a S/S item
YesI ship it to a service that's in Blaine. They charge 2 dollars for every package so it's pretty cheap if you're close to the border
John Elliott actuslly does send products to a shipping address that is different from the billing address. That's what I do.Being a Canadian who lives around 20 minutes away from the border. I got all my us orders shipped to my mailing address in USA to save duty and shipping. I don't even declare the stuff when I cross the border back into Canada
New Posts  All Forums: