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 Totally disagree with you. I'd rather take something that is timeless like the current collection over a flashy piece
Ok just got back from roden gray in vancouver. Thee lineup was only around 10 people or so.  They did not even get a large in the airport sweater so I couldn't try it on. (ordered the cream one online already) . However I did try the cream jeans on. The material is really dope. I wear a 32 in Petit Standards and the 31 in these were perfect. Very nice in the upper block if you have athletic legs and they taper down so nicely. I had stacks like kanye always has. If I went...
 Thank you! the LS mercer tee will be purchased
Are there any full sleeve shirts or Henleys in the fw lineup?
    The bomber, airport sweater and the jeans!
Whats everyone getting from this release? I'm getting the airport sweater. Only getting the jeans if the fit works for me. But I need room in the upper block with a aggressive taper (blame my athletic thighs) so the kanye cut might work for me
Really excited for this
the tiempo's with lunerlon soles are straight fire. Cant wait for more colour ways    
not to hate on JE, but i tried on the duo grey shorts on in person and i dont see they hype about them, especially for $170. The material felt very cheap and thin and they must have have had the most awkward pocket placements ever, like they arent even comfortable. I grabbed some reigning champ sweat shorts instead.   Just my opinion
 Well if you lived in vancouver, you know know that there is no mall called "pacified mall", so thats why i asked for the specific location and whether it was a small strip mall that i do not know of
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