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got the kith capsule in today. Love the blue escobars but im not sure how i feel about the S/S hoodie. I feel like i dont have the right upper body for JE hoodies. Shoulders and chest are too broad.   anyways, im willing to let go the grey S/S (Short Sleeve) hoodie for $175 shipped, size Large. price negotiable 
Kith shipped my JE yesterday. But it's gonna take a week to get to West coast....
Got the Navy escobars, the grey s/s and the low pumas Has Kith's shipping improved? Or am I in for a wait
Got the Acg jacket in today and it's an awesome piece. Love the pockets everywhere. However it runs slim for nike standards. I will be returning it and getting a Xl when it restock. The arms were short on me, as well as the length. The chest was tight when zipped up as well. Anyways. I'm just waiting on a restock now
NikeTalk Sweats
I went with a 34 because I wanted a more relaxed thigh area than my Petit Standards. Need some comfy jeans, rather than super skinny all the time
and how much does it stretch compared to a APC, i am interesting in this because of the higher back rise,thats the only thing i hate about APC is they're a too low rise
 How do you size on the denim? i wear a 32 in APC Petit Standards, am a 34 natural waist
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