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 they're releasing tommorow for sure(21st), just dont know what time to be exact. I dont want to wake up at 5am PST and wait all morning for a link https://twitter.com/nikelab/status/502138227612868608
any idea what time the fragment tennis shoes drop? need the blue suede ones
I'm thinking about waterproofing my rust's. How much will the colour change if sno-seal them. I really do not want to lose the beautiful rust colour. Anyone have pics?
 tried it on instore. TTS for sure. I didnt get it because i wasnt feeling it
Just random fit pics with these boots.    
Agreed. I mostly got these for the cut of them. They have more room in the upper block than my Petit Standards and they have a 37inch inseam.The material they used for this is very soft and perfect for summer wear
The 2014 stonewash kanye jeans + the airport sweater. My left leg is doing something weird in the picture, but its not like that in real life  
 Totally disagree with you. I'd rather take something that is timeless like the current collection over a flashy piece
Ok just got back from roden gray in vancouver. Thee lineup was only around 10 people or so.  They did not even get a large in the airport sweater so I couldn't try it on. (ordered the cream one online already) . However I did try the cream jeans on. The material is really dope. I wear a 32 in Petit Standards and the 31 in these were perfect. Very nice in the upper block if you have athletic legs and they taper down so nicely. I had stacks like kanye always has. If I went...
 Thank you! the LS mercer tee will be purchased
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