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Again thanks for the replies, I'm lucky enough to have a plain navy suit so that will be my interview attire.
By age appropriate I mean that I did not want to come off as stuffy or anything like that. I'm not worried about the shoes, I have a pair of AE park avenues which I think are decent.
Thanks for the reply, and I looked at the job posting prior to creating a thread but was concerned that that might be to formal or "not age appropriate". 
In a week I have an interview for an ivy league school (undergrad) and I was wondering what would be acceptable dress wise. Its an alumni interview at an investment firm so I assumed a suit, or some formal wear would be expected but I'm not completely sure. I've heard everything from dark jeans to a suit are acceptable to interviews but again I don't know how appropriate these options are.
Thanks for the advice. As soon as I can I'll look into Allen Edmonds and the factory stores. I'll start saving now so I can be prepared to make what I believe is a sizable bespoke shoe purchase. Should I avoid department stores for measurement altogether?
Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I usually go to Neiman Marcus but their selection of shoes over a 12 is very limited. I'll be sure to try Nordstrom. What price range should I be expecting and/or looking for? And lastly does it make sense to save for a pair of really high end bespoke shoes if I'm not sure that my feet are done growing? Might be a silly question. 
im in the US. New York specifically. And yes the 14.5 was sneakers. I usually get a 14 with a wide width when I buy shoes, though recently I bought a pair of Tods drivers and a 13 fit so I'm not 100% sure on a definite size. And currently I wear a pair of gucci loafers i was given awhile ago. Thanks for your feedback
Hello everyone My shoe issue involves finding nice shoes that fit, i wear a size 14.5. I have just turned 17 so bespoke shoes or any really high priced shoes are not an option. However I am fortunate enough to be able to spend a decent amount of money. I wear shoes to school everyday with slacks, a shirt and tie so they would be used regularly. Thanks in advance for any help
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