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I say go with the brown burnished, since you already have black and walnut--and bourbon is pretty close to walnut.
That suit is horrendous on many levels.  There's no thigh gap intent picture, though.
Maybe a green sport coat?  A green suit seems unlikely.
Nice article about Saul's wardrobe and suits (an interview with the costume designer):  
Yes.  The SA will be happy to get you shoes ordered form another location.  And I believe the SA still gets full "credit" or commission, or whatever, so your "rapport" will be well-served.
Oh no. A pair of burgundy she'll daltons in my size has shown up in the shoebank. Talk me out of it, please! (Sizing won't work, maybe?).
I'm not sure of the cause, but my brogue suede strand seconds are narrow, too. Im keeping them and thinking they'll stretch. They're pretty soft.
I just pulled the trigger on a pair at that price. I'm hopeful! (If your're a 10D, there's one pair left!)
I'm kind of in the same position - looking at both the Moras and suede.  I don't think there's a lot of overlap between their uses, I'm afraid.  I guess you could probably dress down bourbon Moras more easily than you could dress up suede wingtips (particularly those with the light welt).
If I'm usually a 10D or 9.5E on the 5 Last, what do people recommend for the 8 Last, particularly for the Mora 2.0?       (Or do I forget the Mora and just get some brogue suede Strands? (for totally different uses, of course...))
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