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I think that crease is normal.  It is on the vamp, not the toe-cap/wing.  All shoes crease there.
PSA:   Joseph A Banks 66% off sale this weekend + free shipping = shoe trees for $8.50.   http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_101593   I'm picking up a few.
Following tho thread is probably the best way to hear about Shoebank sales and specials when (and sometimes before) they happen.   When you get an inventory list it reflects the current prices, including any current sales (well, except things like two-for-$250, which are obviously applied afterward).
I would assume so.  Kristle is at the Jeffersonville outlet.
Is there any chance that this thread can make some sense of the Allen Edmonds naming conventions? What, exactly, are the categories and rules?   I know some of them.  For instance, the business-appropriate, cap-toe, balmorals are named for avenues (fifth avenue, park avenue, strand).  Their corresponding boots are named for streets (fifth street, etc.).  Brogue wingtips have Scottish names (McAllister, MacNeill) (but what about the McGraw penny loafers?).  Independence...
Don't quote me on this, but I believe AE makes most, if not all, the Wolverine 360 degree welted boots. I'm not sure where I heard that, though...
In addition to leading, Butler also seems to have gotten the Voxsartoria vote:   http://www.voxsartoria.com/post/77604592621/the-always-dapper-h-in-stephen-hitchcock 
Got my two pairs of Elgins today.  I like the color of the tan saddle leather.  And I like the overall look of the shoe.  The leather is a bit stiff and (I-don't-want-to-say-plasticy-but) smooth, but I think it will soften up a bit. As for sizing on the Elgins, I ended up going with my normal 5-last size (10 D).  The 9.5 D pair that I also bought kind of fit, but was a bit snug even with thin socks.  The 10 D pair fit well with both thin and thick socks, with a "V" of...
You are literally the third person to ask this exact question (owning the same shoes, even) in the past couple days. So, check back a few pages for more suggestions, too.EDIT: I see I'm not the only one to notice this pattern. I don't think it's anything nefarious. Everyone starts with PAs and Strands.
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