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 38 is normally small.  From my experience 40 is a size medium in Rag & Bone.
Still some of the MH/Edwin jeans in the Japanese web shop. You can also find them in yahoo.jp with some frequency.
All items are used but in good condition. Post Overalls Naval Jacket (S) ----- $100 [[SPOILER]] Chest: 20"Shoulders: 18"Sleeves: 24"Length: 26" 1/2  Post Overalls Melton Wool Engineers Jacket (S)-----$150 [[SPOILER]]   Post Overalls Mattalini Jacket (M) -----------$100  [[SPOILER]] Chest: 22"Sleeves: 25"Length: 26" 3/4
Margaret Howell black jacket, fabric made by Fox Brothers.   It was bought in Japan where the sizing is different for Margaret Howell. It is labelled Small but fits Extra Small.   Chest: 52 cm Shoulders: 45 cm Sleeve: 58 cm  Length: 73 cm    
Robert Geller Grey Linen Drifter Jacket, Size 44.   This jacket fits big. I'd recommend it to those who normally wear 46.   Chest: 102 cm Shoulders: 44 cm Sleeves: 65 cm Length: 76 cm
All items are used but in good condition. Stephan Schneider Quilted Shirt  (IV) ------- $150Chest: 21"Shoulder: 18"Arms: 24" 1/2Length: 28" [[SPOILER]]   Stephan Schneider Pure Jacket (IV) ---------$150Chest: 22"Shoulders: 22"Sleeves: 22"Length: 31"        [[SPOILER]]  Stephan Schneider Spot Jacket (V) ----------$150Chest: 22" 1/2Shoulders: 18"Sleeves: 25" 1/2Length: 27" 1/2 [[SPOILER]]   Stephan Schneider Cardigan Jacket (IV) -----$70Chest: 19"Shoulders: 17"Sleeves:...
I emailed them on Wednesday and got a response today. They are responding you just have to wait a bit.
 Not true, people can dress entirely in fast fashion brands and still look good. The quality of Cityofgentlemen's clothes isn't what is being disliked here.
 Has anyone tried the code? It says invalid for me.
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