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  I used a proxy service. I don't think they ship outside Japan. I size one up from what I would get in European sizing. I have a feeling that the sizings don't match up perfectly, especially the more oversized pieces (I think they are tweaked slightly smaller for the Japanese market). 
40% off at the Japanese Margaret Howell online store.
pictures for mens SS16 are out:   Think this is my least favorite collection I've seen from MH.
That's a Japanese small so it probably fits more like an XS.
Has anyone ever received the wrong items from Barneys Warehouse?   I ordered two pairs of pants and got one of the pants and a pair of shorts.   According to the product names in the package contents I was supposed to get two pants but the numbers on the tag for the shorts matches the product ID for the pants I didn't get. I'm guessing the mistake is a result of the tags being on the wrong product. Is this going to be a huge mess to prove that I really did receive the...
MH beret  
Not really liking SS15.   Mainly due to the printed stuff.
comic book addict   Don't even remember choosing a lot of comic book stuff.
If I order something from Unionmade from Canada should I expect a customs fee?
 Can't say about Royal Mail specifically, and I don't think it should matter, but I have gotten my postal code wrong in the past and they still delivered it to the correct address.
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