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That's a Japanese small so it probably fits more like an XS.
Has anyone ever received the wrong items from Barneys Warehouse?   I ordered two pairs of pants and got one of the pants and a pair of shorts.   According to the product names in the package contents I was supposed to get two pants but the numbers on the tag for the shorts matches the product ID for the pants I didn't get. I'm guessing the mistake is a result of the tags being on the wrong product. Is this going to be a huge mess to prove that I really did receive the...
MH beret  
Not really liking SS15.   Mainly due to the printed stuff.
comic book addict   Don't even remember choosing a lot of comic book stuff.
If I order something from Unionmade from Canada should I expect a customs fee?
 Can't say about Royal Mail specifically, and I don't think it should matter, but I have gotten my postal code wrong in the past and they still delivered it to the correct address.
Moved to a warehouse I think? I asked about a sale piece some days after they had removed the sale section maybe two years back and they said they were busy moving things around so it could be hard but they would try. They never actually got back to me despite multiple emails.
It's a "fashion rule" but fashion rules don't always need to be followed nor are they always good rules.
 I think it's hand knit in England and a collaboration piece. Not pairing black and navy is a rule. 
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