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I've pretty much given up on french cuffs as the whole affair just seem a little too anal for me. Furthermore, it seems to be the cornerstone fashion must-have for the KC crowd, along with an overly ambitious windsor knot. If I want something fancy, I would take out my cocktail cuffs instead: easy to roll, no losing links, no hassle in the morning.
Do you really need to start a thread for this??
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Nothing totally off. Oxford a little too big, jeans a little too tight, that's all. Isn't that the point of this thread? Getting the correct fit? If wmmk wants to understand the philosophy behind a good fit, he has to start considering what cut of clothes look best on him. Given his type of body (very slim), a pair of fantastically tight jeans may only make him look even skinnier, which looks almost...
Wearing that justifies yourself to be a victim of a royal beating.
Not my cup of tea.
I'm no authority when it comes to fit, but this just doesn't flatter you at all wmmk.
Best dressed action figure.
Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson How about the Thomas Mason shirts at J Crew? They actually do come in neck/sleeve sizes. Has anyone seen them, and what do you think? They sometimes go on sale for about $70, but I have not seen them in person. And what does it mean that both BR and JC promote the same fabric brand? Its hopeless; all J. Crew shirts fit like tent. I suppose you could go tailor it but I'm just too f*cking lazy. If...
Quote: Originally Posted by Closer True story. Went into an Asian alteration tailor type place one day. An nice looking Asian lady marked me for alterations on 4 pairs of pants. Each time I came out with the next pair of pants, she would unbutton her shirt a little lower, so I could see more boobs while she was kneeled down in front of me. Also each time I came out with another pair, she touched my package a little more. She could totally tell I...
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu mafoo is a farmer? I always thought he was in financing, specifically shorting.
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