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Why don't you dress like Ghandi? He's more stylish than Nehru obviously.
Ignore these jokers. Obviously they aren't cool enough to drink. Just scrub your shoes down with saddle soap and give it a good polish.
You should see what the Rolex crowd wears. . . . Thank God I'm an AP man.
I like to pair jeans with chunky Alden's during the day and sleek austerity boots for the evening.
Yeah, I put a pair with Tom as well. Yep, not too worried. I trust him. And even if he does make off with my money, its no matter. Chump change small-timer shit anyways.
I have a pair of CJs with a half insole. Worked out fine!
Do it. I'd love to see what social ostracization can do you. Columbine anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck I have Black w/ white dots...I like it +1 I have a black silk PS with white polka dots from RLPL. I tend to use it quite often.
EDIT: Triple Post Sorry, I got a bit annoyed just thinking about Sam's
EDIT: Double Post
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