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burn it with fiyah
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah Children's section? Stride-rite? Fortunatly, Edward Green MTM.
Yeah me too... Saw a guy in skin-tight jeans, XXXS shirt, and Wayfarers. What a tool.
What's your shoe size mafoo? I'm 5'6 but I can barely find shoes that fit.
Hows the shipping coming along?
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 In green corduroy? Maybe in a ghey equestrian breeches store.
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 who even makes pants like that today? They're equestrian breeches, and can be found in equestrian breeches stores.
Don't like the idea, but I must say G&G did it rather tastefully. Could've turned out horrible...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo I think thats a horribly unstylish and uninteresting jacket for 370$. Looks like something by H&M Divided. Thanks! Saved me almost 400 bucks.
At the end I passed on the Quoddy's because the toe shape is just too stocky for me. I also don't really like the three eyelet lacing. Other than that, I'm sure they're wonderful shoes!
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