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Vass: Calf/Suede combo oxfords Navy blucher boots Suiting: Chan Navy Linen 1B peak lapel with extra "belly" Chan 2 button herringbone - undecided Watches: GO Senator Week Calender IWC Portugese
Any flash sales in the near future, Mauro? I have quite a number of things to snag off your site!
agnostic .....?
Suede Alden boots on Plaza last. Sanded down the sole edge so its now much closer to the stitching.
Wore the lime green Borat bikini sling.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQDerek I find this most amusing. What...the...fu*k That looks surreal.
Eh... the brouging on the new pair looks a little funky to me. Nice soles tho!
Dyed Shoes, trimed down outsole.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo And here's why: all suits, regardless of construction, have a chest piece. Determining whether that chest piece is half canvas, full canvas, or fused, isn't easy. I've felt a "fused" suit (that I knew for a fact was fused) and it had a chest piece in it that made it thicker in the chest (as it should) than the back. And then I tested a mainline HF suit the same way and felt the same thickness in the chest. Interpreting...
This "third layer thing" is misleading. Many half fused jackets contain a third layer as well, often reaching down the length of the jacket. A third layer does not mean that the jacket is fuse-free. Fusing and full-canvas are not mutually exclusive. Most upper-middle range jackets may have fusing on the underside of their stitched lapels along with a full canvas construction to the give the lapel more rigidity and structure, especially in the case of light suiting...
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