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I never knew the F last has a "flat-top" toebox. Interesting none the less. Mine would be arriving in 6 weeks. One more thing, I don't like you got the Old English II, because the vamp and heel broguing don't connect.
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic anyway, Sams in TST, famous shop, can't miss him. Famous clientele. Top dollar for top quality etc.. You should take a look at their child-labor sweatshop upstairs.
I'm getting one of those ironing tables!
Grey and navy suits can easy be mixed.
Acqua di Gio much?
I'm in the market for an upper-middle range watch, but I'm having a bit of trouble selecting one. Here are some of the choices I have considered so far: Glashütte Original PanoMatic Lunar - Beautiful watch, reminiscent of the Lange 1. Highly decorated Caliber 90 movement with dual swan-neck regulator and mini-rotor. Perfect size for a dress watch. However, a little too thick and the "Panomatic Lunar" font looks hideously like Times New Roman. Jaeger Le Coultre...
Are you gonna come up with more oxfords, mjk?
Suits his style
Photos on WAYWT don't often show the subtle wrinkles in jackets.
Vass: Calf/Suede combo oxfords Navy blucher boots Suiting: Chan Navy Linen 1B peak lapel with extra "belly" Chan 2 button herringbone - undecided Watches: GO Senator Week Calender IWC Portugese
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