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Not really feeling that...but it seems well made!
Any terry blazers avaliable in S anywhere?
You'll need to start off with a lighter color than that, wmmk.
Quote: Originally Posted by DandySF Be certain to request the very lightest lining and no fusing. +1 Cos apparently "soft collar" means line my collar with sheet metal...
More Shirts, More Shirts, More Shirts!!
You should just give up your lawyer job and be an image consultant, Foo.
Depending on the leather, a liberal treatment of neatsfoot oil would soft that shoe down quite quickly.
Critique? Its from Raja Fashions. Period.
No secret really. I wear my chunky Aldens sockless all the time. The funny thing is that my Sperrys are more uncomfortable sockless than my Aldens. Boat shoes need to be broken in. If you can't take the pain, I'd suggest you wear some socks and look like a tool.
Very nice coat, PG. What's the material like?
New Posts  All Forums: