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But its extremely comfortable!
Yeah, using photoshop to alter your picture is a great way to illustrate the alterations you want your tailor to do. Its much easier especially when the tailor doesn't really speak english. This is what I did awhile ago:
The jacket looks much too long. Eventhough it looks proportional to your arms (you might have longer arms), it definitly covers too much of your leg.
I unbutton the first two, and the shirt buttons as well. Much more comfortable for my obnoxiously large watch.
I wonder if he could do higher heels like in Vass and G&G; it seems to make the shoe much more elegant.
Good to see him go. He should try spelling his properly too.
I was pretty bitter about what SARS did to my final years of schooling in Hong Kong. Hope Swine Flu becomes a full pandemic in North America......haha joking. Maybe just the deep South.
Stunning. Soon to order mine with Tiger02 as soon as I have the time to measure my foot.
Not really feeling that...but it seems well made!
Any terry blazers avaliable in S anywhere?
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