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Excellent, but I must say the antiquing seems a little too much for me.
It seems as though there's an affinity between IB and oily dark men with an abundance of chest hair.
The chairman needs no popular vote.
Too bad I'm in Hong Kong right now or else a meet up sounds awsome. A.O.C. is a must try btw.
Try Darlie. It'll clean your teeth so thoroughly, a black man would be impressed.
Vox certainly needs know, for his man tits and thumbnails for nipples.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 why are you and It appears the consensus is that Tom is above reproach so let's just leave it at that. I'm trying to gauge their shipment with my travels.
Anymore news on the recent Vass orders?
Patched pockets.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Flashy shoes are usually way too unsubtle to ever be wearable. I'm pretty sure that's a vagina in a can.
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