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Anybody receiving early July orders yet? Or are they still finishing up June?
Just put a ton of Lexol on it and even out the color. Put it in a warm area and the splotches of oil will even out. Time will solve the problem. Last thing you wanna do it experiment with dyes and other heavy conditioners.
I think they sold out of goat.
What do you folks think about unglazed goat for QMDR? Seems interesting but would love to hear your opinions.
Where's the SF approved place to buy Filson nowadays. I'm in the market for a new small duffle.
Loose heel, tight toebox and ball area. CP achilles fit "interesting"
Anybody interested having peacoats made by Luxire? Maybe we can get a product like this going
Just pulled the trigger on the all blue Achilles. I went with TTS, US6 -> EU38. Had go full price, FML.
I'm sure the jacket is absolutely wonderful and it does look great. But as obey said, I don't think it has much to do with the jacket.The problem with the denim combo is that there's such a massive dichotomy between your upper body and your legs. If I put my hands over your pants (sounds weird), I can imagine a much different outfit than what you actually wore. Same could be said if I cover up the top half of the picture. The denim combo almost always underperforms because...
Still looks off to my eyes, especially the second pic.
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