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I agree. It'll be awesome to have a detailed description of the differences among the 184, AMJ01, and the AMJ03.
How does RJ's 184 compare to Armoury's AMJ03 in terms of the body length and waist suppression? The 184 fits me beautifully but I'd prefer the wider lapels of the AMJ03
Does anybody know a tailor in Hong Kong who can do hand sewn buttonholes? I recently bought a very nice jacket and need to have the sleeves done!
Is there a specific name for the gauntlet opening length?
Does anybody know where size 38s are available? Besides Ssense
when was the last time leathers were shipped?
Good luck!
What's this spreadsheet you guys are talking about? I'm still waiting for my gf's DR. Let's just hope she'll still be with me by the time I get it LOL
Any recommendations for a heavyweight, beefy blue oxford? I got the "classic blue oxford" but I found it a little too lightweight for me.
Kinda disappointed Filson is not running a sale on their luggage/briefcases.
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