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Who are some of the better pantmakers in Hong Kong? I'd love to get something made for this summer.
Has anybody returned anything to Ring Jacket's Rakuten store before? I bought a very nice suit from them, the jacket was spot on but the pants were far to low and tight to be altered. I emailed them, who were very helpful and courteous in the beginning, and they haven't gotten back to me for over a week.
Is a S Mercer tee too long for someone who is 5'6?
Sorry it doesn't, I lost it
Any news on an escobar restock?
Any chance of a brown peacoat restock in S?
Hi Jeff, Would you happen to have the size chart for AMJ01? And do you mind telling me how it fits in relationship with the 184? I have your 184 in size 44 windowpane in Abraham Moon and wonder how the AMJ01 would fit me.
I agree. It'll be awesome to have a detailed description of the differences among the 184, AMJ01, and the AMJ03.
New Posts  All Forums: