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It seems that the "stiff" versions are a great compromise between the completely soft and the hard ones that feel like you're being hung from the gallows. If you're not wearing a jacket or tie, why not consider a bunch of button downs?
So the "stiff" Roma is actually softer than the standard Roma? Weird.
Interesting, can we file a case with the FTC? Drew is a US citizen IIRC
Nice! I used PC a long time ago, I thought their quality was great but they lacked a lot of customization options at the time and it was pretty expensive for an online MTM, especially since they charged $15 for shipping. I'm thinking about trying them again but I'm still disappointed by the fact they don't have darting options.
Does anybody else know where I can find EU38s besides Ssense?
Why are people arguing about pointless shit?
How is PC superior to Luxire?
There's got to be far more than 200 or so missing orders. TOJ was huge in SuFu and MFA as well, I'm sure there are users there who ordered too during the closing months.
Guess I'm out $820. Can someone add me to that list??
Wait why is this thead moving so fast all of a sudden? I haven't checked for a few weeks and now it's blowing up. Is all hope lost?
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