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I've seen girls dressed like that when I was in NYC recently. I thought they were bums. PS. Referring to the posts above durian lady.
Lose weight. At 5'6, you should ideally weight 135-140 lbs. Then you can wear smaller sizes and the length would fit more reasonably.
Interesting, what sort of jacket and model did you end up ordering?
Is there a technical reason for that or is it just not stylistically correct to have a 3r2 with patch breast?
Just a heads up, I have a beautiful pair of UK6.5EE John Lobbs for sale http://www.styleforum.net/t/345405/fs-john-lobb-prestige-dark-gray-lord-calf-uk6-5ee/0_30
What's Antonio's wait time right now?
Any ideas of what size I should order if I wear US6 for all Aldens? I assume most G&G lasts fit the same?
It seems that the "stiff" versions are a great compromise between the completely soft and the hard ones that feel like you're being hung from the gallows. If you're not wearing a jacket or tie, why not consider a bunch of button downs?
So the "stiff" Roma is actually softer than the standard Roma? Weird.
Interesting, can we file a case with the FTC? Drew is a US citizen IIRC
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