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For the regular Roma (or all regular collars for that matter), is the fusing the same stiffness as their fused cuffs and plackets? Would that be a good comparison?
The madder selection seems kind of scant. Does Patrizio introduce new fabrics from time to time?
Any recommendations for a spring/summer wool cloth in gray for trousers?
Summer weight, half lined.
Yep, it's model 184
Which is stiffer? Regular Roma or "stiff" Roma. I understand that the "stiff" Roma is unfused yet it has a stiff interlining, so what's the verdict?
For sale is a brand new Ring Jacket blazer with a 3R2 button arrangement. The fabric is called Balloon Wool, which is a unique, almost knitted like wool fabric. It's very intricate and gives it a depth and texture that is quite special. It's also very wrinkle resistant. The coat is fully canvased with a soft shoulder construction. It is also half-lined. Color is hard to capture, but it is a solid blue. Pocket square is not included. Shoulders: 17" Sleeve: 23.5" Chest:...
What do you guys think about black hightops? Are they versatile enough for everyday wear?
I know this thread is about tailors but does anybody know a reputable alterations shop in Hong Kong? I picked up a couple of Ring Jackets from Japan and need some work done around the collar.
Will there be a Black Friday sale this year for Luxire?
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