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I honestly don't really care about wait times as long as the quality is good like it is now. I've left a lot of tailors both online and B&M due to inconsistent quality.
Olive green looks good. If I didn't have the brown lamb, I think I'll go right ahead and get it, but like you said, it kinda does fulfill the same role, esp since they're both gonna be DRs.
Yeah, I have owned both lamb and calf before. I can attest to lamb being almost negligible in terms of shrinkage. Calf shrinkage seems like a little more. But honestly who cares? I'm not pedantic enough to calculate fractional inch loss in sleeve shrinkage pre and post wearing for a leather jacket. That's insanity.If it hits the wrists, it fits. I don't think Sid Vicious or Marlon Brando preemptively accounted for sleeve accordions or took a tape measure out to compare...
The fear of elbow creases bringing the sleeves up is really overstated and almost unfounded. I've heard the same rationale for MTM shirts and suits as well but have never experienced it myself. The amount of uptake is almost negligible, especially for drapey materials like lambskin and wool, as gravity will most certainly take care of those creases overnight. For crisp broadcloth, there is barely any shrinkage eventhough the elbow creases like hell. All my shirt cuffs peak...
My brown Hober grenadine is probably my favorite tie ever.
Interesting. I was actually thinking about getting the QDR in olive lamb but I already have an MDR in brown lamb and thought that olive might be too close to brown. Do you have a color accurate picture of your olive moto?
Yeah, jeans don't really do navy lamb justice. Like a navy blazer, best to pair it with a gray, shades of brown/tan
I'm on the verge of ordering the QDR in navy lamb but I feel def gonna be much harder to pull off than anything I've worn before. I don't think it'll go with jeans that well honestly, at least not as well as a pair of tan chinos.
Its better to be right than long. It's not hard, its called MTM.
The sleeves are just fine. Fools here like to cover half their hand with their sleeve for god knows why.
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