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I just want to point out that cuffs are zippered for a reason. The function of the zipper to allow the cuff to expand.
Cuffs are obnoxiously large.
What's the consensus on unglazed goat?
Does it really not matter? Cus it would look better if it was more proportional.
Getting my new jacket reminds me of how good lambskin smells. Is there any way to restore some of that smell with my older jackets?
Is TOJ still accepting new orders?
The tailor could take in the shoulder by a lot. And maybe take in a bit at the waist. I'm not sure what can be done about the collar. The original Skyfall coat has a really short collar, which is why I don't like it.
While it is true that scars, growth marks, and other superficial or structural properties differ from animal to animal and from where the leather is extracted, the thickness and consistency is actually quite controllable.Lambskin is nowhere as thick as cowhide but it's thickness is usually determined after tanning by a splitter machine that splits the leather into different thicknesses in a very consistent manner. When a designer purchases a bale of leather from a...
Not complaining or anything but I just received my QMDR and the lamb feels totally different from my previous TOJ leathers. Its actually much thinner and the whole jacket is so much lighter. The leather also seems dryer and less drapey. Interesting.
Looks pretty droopy in the shoulders. What fabric is that?
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