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Can TOJ cutoff already? Stop this madness.
I'm certainly most interested. I'm sure there's a lot of people who are too, including those of us from the Streetwear section of this forum, who may not know about this thread.I'd love to see a classic peacoat done with a softer construction especially around the shoulder. A lot of peacoats out there look very very boxy because of a built up shoulder.
Luxire should think about making custom peacoats for F/W this year in navy or gray melton wool offerings.
The only strategy is place order then forget it.
On the same token, high heels used to be a men's thing, manly men who fought on horseback. Until it became popular with women.
Diamond quilt is very nice! But I can't help think it still looks more appropriate on a women's jacket.
Holy shit, those navy lamb Balmains...
It def a fake. They didn't even get the spelling right. It says something like: Ermenegildo Zegna Doesn't sound like Temple of Jawnz to me.
Beautiful blue bengal stripe dress shirt by Luxire. Their quality of construction is top notch: no loose threads, secure buttons, pattern-matching, and probably some of the neatest hems and seams I've ever seen. http://luxire.com/collections/stripes/products/blue-bengal-stripes-100-2 Thick, creamy MOP buttons. Split-back yoke. Tall English collar. French placket. Side-seam gusset. 100s Two-ply super soft fabric. Comes with stainless steel collar stays. The size would be...
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