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For sale is a pair of PBJ XX-011s with a tagged size of 29. The jeans were initially soaked hot before wearing. They have been worn for 4 months then soaked with mild detergent and warm water. They are now clean and ready to ship. Waist (dipped): 14.75 Rise (front): 10 Thigh (crotch level): 10.5 Inseam: 31.75 Knee: 7.1 Leg Opening: 6.75 The 13.5oz left-hand twill denim is really amazing with light streaky fading. The hand is soft but crumply at the same time. The warp...
I noticed the buttons of late are kinda milky white opaque, lacking the luster of old. Are there new button options?
Does Ssense not carry CPs anymore? I'm having trouble finding any retailers carrying EU 38s.
I have the 11s and I'm looking to buy the 13s. I think the 11s were a bit too slim for my post-soak. Which leads me to consider getting the One Wash so I can stop stressing about shrinkage. Are the One Wash versions really soft and floppy? I kinda prefer my jeans to have some rigidity, esp when new.
Can TOJ cutoff already? Stop this madness.
I'm certainly most interested. I'm sure there's a lot of people who are too, including those of us from the Streetwear section of this forum, who may not know about this thread.I'd love to see a classic peacoat done with a softer construction especially around the shoulder. A lot of peacoats out there look very very boxy because of a built up shoulder.
Luxire should think about making custom peacoats for F/W this year in navy or gray melton wool offerings.
The only strategy is place order then forget it.
On the same token, high heels used to be a men's thing, manly men who fought on horseback. Until it became popular with women.
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