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Anybody encounter this problem with their shirts? A small bump of fabric under the rear of their collar. Pretty common issue but I'm not quite sure how to remedy it for the next order.
How much does TOJ's brown lambskin stretch? I'm scared that my MDR will be too snug and I was wondering if it will stretch over the months. Edit: Just saw some comments regarding stretch above me. Further comments are still welcomed!
It seems like you're selling you MDR, AKang. Why is that? Looks great on ya.
Anybody receiving shipping notifications for leather orders placed in early Feb?
Propercloth is a little on the pricey side but I think their quality is absolutely top-notch. Their stitches, although not single needle, is immaculate. If you're tired of the quality fluctuations of those online Chinese MTO programs, I'd suggest to give PC a shot.
For sale is a pair of limited edition John Lobb Dark Gray Lord Calf in the 1105 last. The size is UK 6.5EE. The shoes are made up in Dark Gray Lord Calf which is has this beautiful steely gray appearance. The shoes are in excellent condition, the uppers are like new. These are part of John Lobb's Prestige line, which comes with lacquered trees with silver hardware. Soles are treated with a pronounced bevelled waist. Shoes come with original box and trees. I am the...
Not a blog but def worthy of clicking: http://instagram.com/kanelk_k/
Hahahaha... one of the best threads in a long time!
The commercialization of this thread and SF in general leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There's been affiliated vendors here for a long time, but it's been ramped up quite seriously in recent years. Not referring to Crane by any means (as he as been quite helpful) but I think the priorities of SF have been slowing shifting to product sales over information sharing.
Eddie Redmayne
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