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Very cool! Which product did you use?
Navy blue, gray, or olive green QDR? I already have a brown MDR. Impossibru to decide!
Yeah, I'm quite confused too. If its closer to brown, I might not get it since I already have a brown jacket already. Might consider blue instead.
Thanks!Wow, that's pretty dark. I must've overlooked that since I was under the impression that olive green was much lighter.
Anybody got legit pics of olive lambskin? I combed through the TOJ gallery and couldn't really find anything that demonstrated the color accurately.
Similar predicament. Only a few weeks after receiving my brown MDR, I'm ready to order another piece. I just can't get enough of the DR look, its my favorite style in TOJ's collection. I'm thinking about getting something a little different this time. Maybe something quilted like a QMDR or QBCDR. I'm thinking maybe something in either olive green, navy, or mid-gray. Choice, choices...
Regarding the DAKS waistband, if I were to adjust the elastic waistband, does the fabric scrunch up like a pair of pajamas? Or is that not how it works?
Thanks a ton. That's enormously helpful to me! It's good to hear from someone who's even remotely close to the same size as me. Thanks again.Damnit! If only the June shoes were in MH71 or DG70, I would snag one right now!
No problem, I'm looking forward to making my wallet hurt too.The usual suspects:GrosvenorSt. James IIConnaughtIn mid to dark brown colors.
Is Nick gonna release a MTO shoe this month?
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