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I've been saying for years, I don't get the hype with these mid to high-end shoe brands in the $1000+ range. I wish learnt this lesson long ago and not have wasted so much money on Edward Greens, John Lobbs, and C&Js. I wish I had springboarded straight to bespoke and high-end MTOs instead.
Yeah, its kind of a mixed bag. I was looking to have a gingham shirt done up recently so I've noticed some inconsistency with their product shots.Just something to look out for if you cared. Maybe specify it in the details for your next order if you want to be sure of what you're getting.
Everybody else Surely its a personal choice, but it seems vertical gingham is the unspoken default.
Can't wait to see am all
I noticed that Luxire's ginghams are always made the wrong way round. The darker strips run horizontal as opposed to vertical. Do the customers realize this or is it a special request?
The ultimate clubbing clothes are clothes not worn for clubbing.
I have a brown lamb MDR and a navy lamb QMDR. I'm looking to get a 2010 DR made but struggling on the build. Any suggestion on a non-black material?
Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know.
Thanks for the clarification.But does the unlined option actually affect the lining he uses? It does it only refer to the tip?
I'm still a little confused, what does patrizio mean by the unlined option?
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