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Cool thanks! What kind of interlining do you use now?
Has anybody tried a "medium" interlining? How does it feel?
What kind of collar setting do you guys use for achieving a soft look without it being entirely unfused?
How do SFer's expect people who can barely afford proper shoes to look good? Let's face it, cheap fashion looks like shit. The people are just pushing the milage of the shit they find in H&M and Topman.
Not 100% related to tailors but does anybody know a good alteration shop in Hong Kong? Fishball, do you know? I know you're a local
What do you have?
Is getting a third DR bordering ridiculous?
Barely worn leather belts by Chruch's. The quality is very high, grain structure is very fine. Overall very nice belts. Solid brass hardware. The belts are very soft and oily, beautiful leather. The woven has been worn more, the Church's tag has faded a little. Size is 32. Silver buckles Brown width: 35mm Black width: 30mm Woven width: 30mm Price: $75, except for woven at $40. Price per belt. Free shipping to CONUS.
I just want to point out that cuffs are zippered for a reason. The function of the zipper to allow the cuff to expand.
Cuffs are obnoxiously large.
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