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Regarding the DAKS waistband, if I were to adjust the elastic waistband, does the fabric scrunch up like a pair of pajamas? Or is that not how it works?
Thanks a ton. That's enormously helpful to me! It's good to hear from someone who's even remotely close to the same size as me. Thanks again.Damnit! If only the June shoes were in MH71 or DG70, I would snag one right now!
No problem, I'm looking forward to making my wallet hurt too.The usual suspects:GrosvenorSt. James IIConnaughtIn mid to dark brown colors.
Is Nick gonna release a MTO shoe this month?
Anybody know if there's a shop that can do nose-pad arm installations in LA? I feel like there must be some in k-town.
I got measured by Tony late last year and he recommend a 5.5D (small, i know) across the board size. He insists that all the lasts should fit the same but given the last few responses on this thread, I'm beginning to think different. Would it be more prudent of me to go for the MH71 or the DG70? I do great in the same size for EG's 82 last but I'm not quite sure how EG's 82 last sizes up with G&G's lasts.
Can we request a V split waistband for your trousers?
For sale is a Wings + Horns shawl sweatshirt in marled gray fleece. The fleece is super soft and incredibly warm. Its in mint condition. The size is Small. Washed and ready to ship. Chest: 20 Waist: 17.75 Shoulder: 16.75 Sleeve: 24.5 Back: 23.75 Free shipping to CONUS.
Agree but black lamb and brown suede is a pretty poor match.
So it turns out my MDR fits perfectly. The torso could be even a little slimmer but in general, the fit is spot on. One thing I'm quite worried now is that the shoulder and arms area will stretch out over time as I break this jacket in. Should I have ordered the jacket tight initially?
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