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Honestly, I didn't actually read all of your post.
I don't know which entrepreneur Hendrix is bashing on but it's pretty unfair to shit on entrepreneurs in general. They do a lot of things that make our economy running. Even if its something random like window glazing or whatever, if there's a market, why not cater to it? Lots of entrepreneurs don't stick around their business forever, they sell it and move on to something more interesting.
Could you explain how you altered the seat of those pants?
For sale is a pair of CP Achilles Low in Navy. Worn only a handful of times. Condition is excellent. I installed toe and heel taps so there is virtually no sole wear. Leather smell is still strong and is incredibly supple. A fantastic pair of sneakers. Comes with everything. Free shipping to CONUS.
Anybody tried switching out the woven laces for leather laces? Any pics?
You could've gotten a lot nicer shoes with all that money you spent on C&J.
Orlebar Brown.
Too much coke?
Perforated or solid white achilles low?
Iconic Ray-Ban Aviators in black frame with black polarized lens. Condition is good. Comes with original case. Free shipping to CONUS
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