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While it is true that scars, growth marks, and other superficial or structural properties differ from animal to animal and from where the leather is extracted, the thickness and consistency is actually quite controllable.Lambskin is nowhere as thick as cowhide but it's thickness is usually determined after tanning by a splitter machine that splits the leather into different thicknesses in a very consistent manner. When a designer purchases a bale of leather from a...
Not complaining or anything but I just received my QMDR and the lamb feels totally different from my previous TOJ leathers. Its actually much thinner and the whole jacket is so much lighter. The leather also seems dryer and less drapey. Interesting.
Looks pretty droopy in the shoulders. What fabric is that?
For sale is a fully-canvased, soft construction blazer made in blue linen with ivory pinstripe. I've haven't worn this jacket at all but it's one of my favorite to look at. It's very casual, very stylish, great for weekends at the country club. It's half-lined so its cool and breezy. The jacket is constructed well and its a joy to wear. I really like that the sleeve pitch is perfect on this jacket, no bunching at all. The lapels are perfectly padded and have a lovely roll...
Honestly, most of the fit pics here are horrendous! I don't know why people insist that wearing a black box is okay. Looks like most of the store bought coats have sleeves wide enough for a train and have shoulder pads fit for a linebacker.
I got the 25oz Navy Wool. Will post pics when I receive it.
Ordered my first peacoat with Luxire. It's a modified Skyfall peacoat with a larger collar and lapel and the lapel angle is made more horizontal. Can't wait.
Is this the US Navy style listed on your website?Can you tell me a little bit about how the shoulders are padded? Is it possible to get no shoulder padding at all?
Let us know how that goes. I just ordered one in XS and I'm right about the same size as you.
Haha guys with short torsos and long arms would probably look awful in most things.
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