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Is the option "unlined" to mean totally unlined or just untipped?
Is Antonio ready for a pair of MTOs using one of his regular lasts (19040) but with Aurum quality finishing? Or do we need to wait till next month for that?
It seems like everybody prefers fresco over crispaire. I might give it a try. I initially went for crispaire due to the softness in comparison to fresco. I can't stand scratchy pants. Either way, I will stick with either of these fabrics for a while.Thanks!
I've used Chan years ago and now my HK friends are all telling me they raised their prices. I'm thinking about getting a 2-piece done in Fresco/Crispaire. Anybody know what that will clock in nowadays?
Funky style but have you tried eating a burger?
Thanks Spurious! PS. Does anybody know what causes a bump of fabric right below the collar?
Does anybody know which fabric was used for this pair of pants?
Anybody got a Luxire semi-spread in action?
Thanks man! Great info. I'm def gonna order once he launches the line.
Thanks T4phage! Do you know what last styles he has on offer for his new line?
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